What to Expect When You’re Connecting – AI in Practice: Real-World Applications and Limitations

What to Expect When You're Connecting, IoT Podcast

Welcome to What to Expect When You’re Connecting, the second season of our Soracom podcast. I’m your host, Ryan Carlson. We may have had a small rebrand, but this is still a podcast for IoT professionals and the IoT Curious who find themselves responsible for growing, executing, or educating others about the challenges that come with connecting products and services to the internet. 

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In This Episode – AI in Practice: Real-World Applications and Limitations with Rajeev Dutt

Artificial intelligence has evolved beyond academic research and sci-fi narratives, becoming an integral part of modern industries and everyday life. AI is now at the forefront, revolutionizing industries from biotech to smart factories. But how is it truly impacting real-world scenarios and addressing multifaceted challenges?

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Rajeev Dutt, a theoretical physicist and the founder and CEO of AI Dynamics. Together, we dive into AI’s applications, from intricate problem-solving to its tangible impacts, with Rajeev offering invaluable insights backed by real-life examples.

We also tackle the pressing issues of data quality, bias in AI, and the imperative need for robust governance. One of the episode’s highlights is our exploration of AI autonomously building AI models.

If you’ve been wondering about AI’s current trajectory, and its future possibilities, or are eager to understand how AI is sculpting the contours of various industries globally, this episode is a must-listen.

Rajiv Dut and Ryan Carlson talk about practical applications of AI

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