What to Expect When You’re Connecting – Switching From WiFi To Cellular Connectivity for Kiosk Services

What to Expect When You're Connecting, IoT Podcast

Welcome to What to Expect When You’re Connecting, the second season of our Soracom podcast. I’m your host, Ryan Carlson. We may have had a small rebrand, but this is still a podcast for IoT professionals and the IoT Curious who find themselves responsible for growing, executing, or educating others about the challenges that come with connecting products and services to the internet with cellular connectivity, wifi, satellite or otherwise. 

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In This Episode – Switching From WiFi To Cellular Connectivity for Kiosk Services

When launching a product, it is normal to go through several technical iterations before going to market. Yet, while mechanical components and power sources are frequently swapped out for form factor or efficiency, some projects go through multiple connectivity technologies before they find what works best for them.

That’s precisely the challenge faced by Electron to Go, a portable device-charging solution found in kiosks at schools, airports, stadiums, and other public spaces. In this episode, we speak with Electron-to-Go CEO and Founder Nasim Muabbat about troubleshooting connectivity issues for an emerging business in these dynamic locales.

We go through the company’s decision to move from WiFi to cellular connectivity, and Nasim touches on some of the unseen challenges for this sort of deployment, including FCC and PCI certifications, supply chain issues, and more. 

This episode is ideal for the entrepreneur looking to deploy rental items in high-traffic areas, who is curious if cellular connectivity is the right choice to support their deployment at scale.

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