RTLS tracking for unconventional contexts

The Opportunity

Precision tracking for smarter, safer industrial systems

Industrial processes have become more complex than ever, particularly in the areas of manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain operations. Highly articulated industrial systems now deliver performance that might have seemed miraculous just a few years ago, but these intricate systems also face the continuous threat of disruption by external forces ranging from COVID-19 to global climate change.

A new generation of specialized positioning and tracking technologies is now evolving in response. These indoor/outdoor tracking systems deploy sophisticated sensing networks to help, increase operational efficiency, improve worker safety, and reduce systemic fragility.

Milan-based Ubiquicom has quickly established itself at the leading edge of both this emerging IoT category and a new wave of innovation developing in Italy’s traditional centers of technology and manufacturing. The Financial Times has ranked the young firm among the 100 fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, and Italy’s leading financial newspaper, Sole 24ORE, recently ranked Ubiquicom as the 2nd-fastest growing technology company in Italy.

The Solution

Advanced sensing for heavy industries

As Deloitte notes in a recent report, “Italy is above the European average in terms of … the adoption of 4.0 technologies such as the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.”

Ubiquicom’s Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) both exemplify and support this regional strength in IoT and cloud, giving customers in logistics, manufacturing, transportation, and related industries the ability to build a comprehensive image of the status and location of assets, goods, and staff in real time.

These advanced tracking and sensing solutions are designed specifically for use in unconventional contexts, with an emphasis on real-time intelligence, telematics, and safety.

Real Time Locating Systems improve on the previous generation of RFID-based tracking systems by removing both geographic and temporal constraints. Rather than reporting data sporadically as tags pass specific, fixed points, the Ubiquicom Locator and TrackVision Platform reports location data continuously while removing the need for physical asset scans.

Ubiquicom’s flexible architecture supports a wide range of wireless bearers, including BLE, WiFi, UWB, and LoRa and sensing capabilities, including Lidar. Ubiquicom produces its own hardware and has partnerships with tag providers, which makes it possible to incorporate multiple technologies into a single tag.

This means that in contexts such as logistics, healthcare, and warehousing, assets tracked with Ubiquicom RTLS are always stored in the right locations and can be found in real time when needed. In manufacturing contexts, critical work-in-progress can be easily identified even among hundreds of similar-looking items. And in any context, precise visibility into worker and vehicle locations enhances both site security and individual safety.

Ubiquicom’s telematic product, TrackVision, offers exceptional capability when it comes to both accident prevention in the workplace and individual worker safety. For 2021, Ubiquicom has built on that success to offer SYNCHRO, which uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize warehouse handling and logistics. SYNCHRO is the most innovative system on the market and supports warehouse operations with immediate advantages including:
• reduction in times and costs of movement and increase in the levels of service
• reduction in the necessary resources fleet
• reduction in quality issues


Achieve global, seamless reach at a high level of integrity

In 2017, the Ubiquicom team conducted a rigorous vendor scouting and selection process, evaluating multiple IoT connectivity providers and ultimately selecting Soracom based on in-field reliability, business value, and seamless global reach.

Currently, Ubiquicom has 10,000+ telematics devices installed in machines in Italy using a combination of Soracom’s SIMs and their clients’ own connectivity solutions.

The Outcome

Transform the future of construction efficiency

This young company has gained the trust of established industry giants who continuously seek out the best solutions on the market. Today, the company’s key customers include Toyota Material Handling, VeniceAirport, Daikin, CNH Industrial, and ABB, among others.

Ubiquicom currently focuses on the, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation sectors, primarily in its domestic market and currently expanding in EMEA. In 2021, Ubiquicom has launched a Series B funding round that will support international expansion and further R&D investments to expand the company’s solutions serving a wide range of verticals including:

● Manufacturing
● Logistics
● Workplace safety
● Warehouse management
● Transportation
● Energy
● Oil & gas
● Telematics & fleet management
● Healthcare