Tips and Tricks for Building a Successful IoT Project [Webinar]

Tips and Tricks for Building a Successful IoT Project [Webinar]

Approximately 76% of IoT projects fail. This is a staggering number when you consider the hours and dollars invested in many of the connected products and services that can result from an IoT project.

What’s worse these IoT projects may have found success if only they had the right support and resources at hand.

At Soracom, our mission has always been to provide cellular IoT projects with the tools and expertise that they need to scale around the world. 

That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive platform around it, featuring cloud-hosted services that unlock hidden capabilities for your IoT project, such as on-demand remote access, private IoT networking, device-to-device, and device-to-cloud communication, and so much more.

Yesterday, Soracom Senior Solutions Architect Roy Kincaid went live with his in-depth webinar Getting Started with Soracom. This presentation took a deep dive into our IoT connectivity solution and our cloud-based products and services many of which can help you cut costs and boost productivity.

Here’s a sneak peek at what was covered in our first-ever webinar event.

Powerful IoT Connectivity

What can cut costs, enhance scalability, boost profits and improve the operational efficiency of an IoT project?

Intelligent IoT connectivity — if it’s done right.

For many, leveraging the right IoT connectivity can be the difference between finding global success and fighting for funding.

At Soracom, we understand that IoT connectivity is more just a pipeline: it’s a tool that can be used to enhance your functionality and productivity of your devices and overall project. Our IoT SIM card and eSIM technology is specifically designed for developers that want to go global without worrying about the logistics.

We offer a range of different connectivity types including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE CAT M1 and SigFox to meet the needs of virtually any IoT project. Plus, our pay-as-you-go pricing enables IoT project managers to stay flexible as they scale.

While your competitors are using connectivity as a means to an end, you’ll be leveraging its full potential to secure a leading edge in the market. 

Comprehensive Data and Protocol Management

Graphs and charts can go a long way in helping IoT developers uncover hidden insights. For instance, without real-time data visualization, you may miss out on important information like data and power usage spikes.

Soracom enables IoT developers to seamlessly take the information they’ve stored into the cloud and turn it into graphs and visuals that tell a story — all without configuring a server.

Plus for massive deployments that require closer monitoring, we offer comprehensive dashboard creation to give you updates on a variety of different parameters for instant metrics analysis.

Secure IoT Private Networking

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Protecting your data is serious business no matter what industry you’re in. We take security to heart, which is why we’ve developed various ways for users to build and own their very own IoT private network from end to end. 

Whether you’re using AWS VPC peering, AWS Direct Connect or IoT LANs, the Soracom platform — which is built on AWS allows users to scale their business with compromising their data.

Seamless Cloud Integration

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There’s more than one way to integrate with the cloud. However, depending on device data usage, battery levels, encryption requirements, data protocols and more, there are some that are better than others.

We know that no two IoT projects are the same which is why we designed multiple ways for users to manage how their connected devices access, control and interact with the cloud without the need for relay servers, SDKs, in-field maintenance and custom coding.

Watch and Learn!

Want more tips and tricks to enhance your IoT project? Check out the full webinar recording here from our IoT expert Roy Kincaid.

If you’d like to chat with Roy about your project, sign up for our free IoT consultation. We’d love to hear more about your products and how we can work together to build a successful project.