SORACOM Endorse enables user and IoT device security on external services

Soracom Endorse

Soracom Endorse Secures Devices Using IoT SIM Card Authentication

Soracom Endorse

Today (January 27) we announced SORACOM Endorse as a new service.

Soracom Endorse

SORACOM Endorse allows you to use SORACOM Air IoT SIM card information for user and IoT device security on external services.

With Endorse, strong authentication processes are performed when you use an IoT SIM card to connect to a mobile network, making it impossible for malicious individuals to falsely assume your SIM ID or perform other such illegal acts. Endorse allows you to use your SIM IDs with high reliability on SORACOM.

Plus, SORACOM Endorse also allows users to reliably use this IoT SIM card identification outside their mobile network.

To be precise, SORACOM issues a SIM’s IMSI (SIM ID), MSISDN (telephone number) or IMEI (communication module ID), the unique ID of devices communicating by SIM, in the form of authentication tokens as electronic signatures.

Soracom Platform, Soracom Edorse

As long as this authentication token is not stolen by a third party, it becomes possible to use IMSI, MSISDN and IMEI information for user and IoT device security due to the high reliability of the receiving party of the authentication token.

The word “Endorse” carries with it notions of “guarantee” and “endorsement,” meaning SORACOM guarantees that the SIM ID information declared by the owner of the authentication token is correct.

For service details and specific usage, please take a look at our Service Introduction page.

Free Allowance

Groups can enable or disable SORACOM Endorse, or change its authentication contents. Billing is done on a per day basis based on the number of SIMs belonging to the group with SORACOM Endorse enabled. However, you can use it for free for any number of SIMs until the end of February 2016, so please take this opportunity to test it for yourself.

In March, a free allowance will be provided to each account. Free 31 day periods will be offered for one SIM for one year when you create an account. (Allowances cannot be carried over to the following month. If you are using two SIMs, the first will be given a 16-day free allowance; and the second, a 15-day allowance.)

Please review our SORACOM Endorse Pricing page for details.

Oguma, SORACOM Team.

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