Newly Expanded Soracom Partner Space Aims to Connect IoT Innovators

Soracom Partner Space

At Soracom, we believe that connectivity drives innovation. Our mission to create a more connected world takes more than intelligence, drive and passion – it also takes collaboration and cooperation. To this end, we are pleased to announce the expansion of the Soracom Partner Space program to our friends and partners across the world.

The program, which began in 2015, offers an opportunity for some of the world’s top providers across the IoT ecosystem to connect and spur new innovations that can help change the world.

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What is the Soracom Partner Space?

The Soracom Partner Space is a growing IoT community that currently includes more than 800 best-in-class members across the globe. These organizations, developers, and solutions providers represent every stage of the IoT development cycle and fall into four categories.

  • Device and Hardware Partners create some of the leading IoT devices on the market today. From sensors to Bluetooth gateways to LTE modules, Device and Hardware Partners offer the tools to help make the most of Soracom’s advanced connectivity solutions.
  • Technology Partners provide building blocks for IoT solutions that integrate with Soracom platform services (ex: Beam, Canal, Funnel, etc). This includes services in BI/Analytics, Security, Network, and IoT platforms.
  • Solution Partners provide turnkey IoT solutions integrating Soracom connectivity services.
  • Integration Partners help organizations to supercharge their deployments through professional management, consulting, and system integration services.

Why Join the Soracom Partner Space?

For developers looking to improve their product, scale their operation, or speed up their time-to-market, the Soracom Partner Space offers an extensive list of some of the best solution providers across the IoT. Our partner space has connected numerous companies, yielding more than 50 IoT projects from those interactions. 

“Soracom customers include some of the most exciting and unique projects in the IoT sphere. The expansion of the Soracom Partner Space opens up a world of opportunities for collaborations that will usher in the next wave of smart solutions.”

Nicolas Lesconnec
Soracom, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager EU

To help create those connections, the Soracom Partner Space provides members with a dedicated landing page highlighting their unique offerings, as well as a contact person within Soracom to help promote any company news, events, or developments. These contacts keep partner organizations privy to live opportunities and technical collaborations that can help fill the gaps in their IoT project. 

“Soracom recognizes that, in order to remove obstacles from a customer’s IoT journey, a rich and healthy ecosystem is an essential part of the strategy,” said Richard Halliday, Soracom’s Senior Strategic Partnership Manager. “By its very nature, an IoT solution has a great deal of complexity, and the Soracom Partner Space is an effort to simplify innovation for partners and customers alike.”

Richard Halliday
Soracom, Senior Strategic Partnership Manager
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Why Partnerships?

All of this speaks to the role that strategic partnerships can play in an organization’s growth. A 2018 McKinsey study predicted that roughly ⅓ of global sales would be tied to industry ecosystems by 2025, accounting for around $60 trillion in revenue. Elsewhere a BPI network study suggests that more than half of the organizations surveyed use partnerships to help acquire new customers.

Yet modern partnerships encompass far more than simple transactional deals, pushing more into resource sharing and cooperation that brings more to the table. This is well reflected in a recent PwC study, where the executives surveyed felt that cooperation was key to their organization’s survival.

“When it comes to the most pressing topics confronting CEOs, collaboration between and among organizations, individuals and governments can meaningfully enhance not only their own prospects but the prosperity and vitality of society as a whole,” claimed the study’s authors.

An IoT Ecosystem With an Impressive Roster

IoT has always been a team sport, and with a roster representing the best and brightest minds in IoT, the Soracom Partner Space is a great way for organizations to make meaningful connections with clear business goals in mind.

Some of the names that have joined the Soracom Partner Space with this latest expansion include:

“Collaborating with industry-leading partners to connect millions of devices worldwide, Soracom understands deeply that success in IoT depends on the specialized tools and expertise that only a complete ecosystem can provide. We are thrilled to expand our global partner program to help more customers bring successful solutions to market and scale quickly across Europe and around the world.”

Alexis Susset
Soracom, Vice President of Global Product and EU Sales


Are you interested in joining the Soracom Partnership Program? Drop us a line here and see if the SPS is a good fit for your organization!.