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SORACOM Beam supports for IBM Watson IoT Platform

We’re happy to announce today that the SORACOM Beam service for IoT protocol conversion now supports connection to the IBM Watson IoT platform using MQTT. This makes it easy for even the most power- and memory-constrained devices to benefit from the capabilities of the IBM Watson IoT Platform, which brings real-time insight to IoT data […]

Soracom adds LTE to IoT and M2M SIM Connectivity

LTE has been available in most major telecom markets for nearly a decade now. In the U.S. alone, LTE penetration as measured by the proportion of time that mobile users have access has already passed the 90% mark. But for the small devices that make up the vast majority of the Internet of Things, LTE […]

Remote IoT and M2M Device Management – SORACOM Inventory

  The team here at Soracom is very happy to announce that our remote device management service, Soracom Inventory, is now available in Public Beta. We first offered Inventory in Limited Preview in July 2017, as a service to help IoT developers and administrators monitor connected devices in the field, remotely manage settings, execute commands […]

SORACOM IoT platform – 3 new enhancements

Today’s big news was the Public Beta release of Soracom Inventory, but it wasn’t the only news. In addition to the major releases, we’re always looking for ways to improve the services and interfaces we already offer.     Today at Soracom Technology Camp 2018 we announced three new enhancements to existing features, all designed […]

SORACOM Air for Sigfox Global IoT and M2M connectivity

Today we announced the commercial launch of our Global SORACOM Air for Sigfox connectivity service for IoT and M2M. This marks another major milestone for us in our mission to bring to IoT and M2M enterprises and technologists our cloud-native and connectivity-agnostic platform offerings. Sigfox has become one of the standards for low-bandwidth and low-power […]

SORACOM Canal private networking now supports AWS VPC inter-region peering

We are super excited to announce today the release of one of the single most-requested features for SORACOM platform. SORACOM Canal, our private networking service, extended feature to support AWS VPC inter-region peering. SORACOM Canal integrates with AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering to create a secure, private connection between your IoT devices and your […]

Soracom IoT connectivity now offers direct integration with Azure IoT Hub via MQTT

We are very happy to announce today that Soracom connectivity now offers direct integration with Azure IoT Hub via MQTT.     Even without an installed Azure IoT SDK, devices can now easily connect to Azure IoT Hub using the SORACOM Beam protocol translation service. This integration also supports Cloud-to-Device (C2D) messaging to take simplify […]

IoT Web Console now with SIM local information report

We released the API to retrieve SIM local information report a while ago which was quite popular, and responding to requests, we have now enabled this feature on the web console as well. Have you followed SORACOM’s announcements on Oct 13 regarding proprietary implementation of SIM authentication infrastructure (HLR), the introduction of our eSIM offering […]

Soracom IoT explands service to support Google Cloud Platform

On May 16, 2017, Google released the Google Cloud IoT Core service for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into beta, allowing secure connection, central management, and data analytics for globally distributed devices. Today we are happy to announce expanded services that support this exciting new cloud offering. Since 2015, the SORACOM IoT platform has enabled secure, […]