[Podcast] Managing Remote Patient Monitoring Operations for Rural Areas

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In This Episode – Managing Remote Patient Monitoring Operations for Rural Populations with Darby Davenport

The lockdown that followed the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic showed the world that healthcare can no longer be confined solely to hospitals and clinics; it must also be available in our homes. It’s a small wonder, then, that the number of physicians using remote monitoring devices has exploded in the past several years. 

In this episode, we speak with Darby Devenport, the Manager of Operations for Telemedicine at UAB Health System. We discuss her experience managing a program utilizing connected monitoring devices across rural Alabama, some of the latent challenges of deploying smart devices in areas without strong internet connectivity, and the shift to cellular-enabled monitoring devices to ensure patient compliance and data accuracy. Through it all, Davenport emphasizes the importance of health and technical literacy among patients while discussing the impact that telemedicine has had on preventing hospital readmissions.

This episode is perfect for individuals within the healthcare industry who are contemplating deploying remote monitoring solutions, but also for anyone launching a fleet of connected devices in rural settings and overcoming patient-supplied internet access. 

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