Managing a Blended Network of IoT Connections From a Single Platform

Experience a first-of-its-kind service that allows anyone developing IoT solutions to leverage Soracom’s IoT platform using any internet connection.

A blended network

IoT developers can mix multiple connectivity options while controlling their entire network through a single, unified management platform.

Cellular and Sigfox

With Soracom Air, devices can connect to the Soracom platform over cellular networks – like 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and Cat-M1 – or over LPWA with Sigfox.

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Bring your own internet

With Soracom Arc, devices can use any internet connection – such as WiFi, ethernet, or even satellite, to connect to the Soracom platform.

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Fluid connectivity and elegant failover

Program your mission critical devices for WiFi connectivity, but automatically switch to a Cellular data backhaul when the local network becomes unstable.

Seamless transitions

Switch between connection types without changing your application architecture.

Connectivity redundancy

Connect over WiFi with a cellular connection as a fallback option when WiFi becomes unavailable.

Privileged access to Soracom platform services over any Internet connection

Our blended network architecture creates a secure data pipe similar to a private cellular connection but now over any internet type.

All connections are secure and shielded from other internet traffic. Only after this secure connection is established will the device gain privileged access to Soracom platform services such as private cloud-to-cloud connections, data visualization, remote access, and private IoT networking.

Powerful IoT solutions for developers: Soracom provides solutions for every phase of your IoT project lifecycle – whether you’re just starting out with prototyping, or scaling to V2 deployment and beyond.


How to manage a blended network of IoT devices from a single, unified platform

Join us to learn how Soracom connects your IoT Devices over a blended network of Cellular, WiFi and LPWA.

Accelerated prototyping

Experiment with Soracom’s advanced IoT networking services over WiFi or ethernet through your laptop without setting up cellular connectivity or running code on an embedded device.

Get started for free

Connect your first WiFi device and transmit up to 1GB* of data each month for free.

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*1GB allowance is for both upload and download data combined

Switch to cellular

Build your IoT prototype with WiFi, then effortlessly migrate to cellular without the need to re-engineer everything or start from scratch.

Better credentials management

Managing credentials for each device presents a significant challenge as IoT deployments grow. But devices activated or managed with Soracom can take advantage of zero-touch provisioning to obtain the configuration and credentials needed to connect to the Soracom Arc endpoint.

A single SIM ID

Data transmitted either by Air (cellular) or Arc (WiFi/ethernet) can be stored in Soracom with the same SIM identity.

Zero-touch provisioning

Obtain the configuration and credentials required to connect to the Soracom Arc endpoint through SIM authentication.

Resources for IoT developers


Soracom developer documentation

In-depth guides and easy-to-follow docs for developers connecting to Soracom.


How to manage a blended network of IoT devices from a single, unified platform


Configuring a Teltonika router to connect to Soracom over WiFi


It’s easy to get started. And it’s free.

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