IoT SIM Card and eSIM with Global Connectivity

Soracom helps technology innovators connect devices over cellular to a secure, global network – where there’s no limit to how big you can scale.

Why technology innovators connect devices to cellular with a Soracom SIM

  • A connection you can count on

    Enjoy a completely reliable network that’s powered by multiple carriers – and connects seamlessly to multiple speed classes like 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Cat-M1.

    Network availability
  • Truly scalable

    Order more SIM cards as and when you need them, unlock a powerful suite of platform services when you're ready for them, and access volume discounts at scale.

    Scale at your tempo
  • Total control

    With Soracom, you'll only pay for the data you use - and can set spending limits to mitigate any unexpected service charges.

    Wasted Data

An M2M IoT SIM Card and eSIM with multiple configurations

A Soracom SIM card is designed to work with any M2M device. So whatever form factor you need – whether that’s 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, or eSIM – you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.

  • Removable IoT SIM Card

    3-in-1 removable SIM card that breaks apart to 2FF*, 3FF* or 4FF* for any device with a SIM slot

  • Embedded eSIM

    An industrial-grade MFF2 eSIM that is soldered directly onto your device

  • Pivot seamlessly between SIM and eSIM

    Prototype with a removable SIM card, then switch to eSIM for mass production. eUICC also available.

  • Soracom IoT Mini SIM
    Mini SIM
    25 x 15mm
  • Soracom IoT Micro SIM
    Micro SIM
    15 x 12mm
  • Soracom IoT Nano SIM
    Nano SIM
    12.3 x 8.8mm
  • Soracom IoT eSIM
    6 x 5mm

Works with any network type

  • 2G
  • 3G
  • 4G/LTE
  • LTE
  • Cat-M1

Meet the World's Most Powerful IoT SIM Card

  • quarter size SIM card

    Quarter-size SIM card

    Uses 75% less plastic than a regular SIM card, to help reduce our carbon footprint

  • Sim card sizes

    Multiple sizes

    Breaks down into 2FF, 3FF, 4FF (MFF2 eSIM also available)

Get your project connected

A SIM For Any IoT Device

Soracom IoT SIM cards are hardware agnostic and compatible with virtually any device. Designed to work with custom hardware and all leading IoT microcontrollers, modules, and routers – including Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Teltonika.

Cross compatibility with virtually ANY device…

  • Devices

    • Raspberry Pi
    • Arduino
    • Teletonika
  • Modules

    • Nordic
    • Sequans
    • Quectel
  • Cloud services

    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud
    • AWS
  • And beyond…

    Integrate a Soracom SIM into your custom hardware and it’ll be connected to the cloud over cellular in no time.

An IoT network you can rely on

Soracom SIM cards work with multiple carriers within a country and auto-select the best network. If your device enters a region with poor coverage, our SIM automatically switches to an available carrier to maximize uptime.

Connect to the world’s most popular networks

  • Soracom connects to AT&T networks
  • Soracom connects to Vodafone networks
  • Soracom connects to Telus networks
  • Soracom connects to Rogers networks
  • Soracom connects to orange networks
  • Soracom connects to Telefonica networks

One SIM – Global Reach

With a Soracom IoT SIM card, your device is instantly connected to any one of 300 mobile carrier networks across 150 countries.

  • Access a global network of mobile operators
  • GSM/LTE/4G/3G/2G technologies
  • Multicarrier support
  • Connect to AT&T, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Telus, Rogers + more
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Close up of Soracom SIM

Service without surprises

With a Soracom IoT SIM card, you’re always in control over how much you pay – and will only ever be charged for the data you use.

To help you keep a grip on costs, set data limits on each SIM card, receive email notifications when data usage exceeds a specific amount, and even downgrade the SIM speed class to limit data usage.

Learn more about automation
Many sizes of Soracom Sims scattered

A Simple-to-Use IoT Dashboard

Every Soracom customer gets access to our powerful IoT Dashboard - whether you purchase just a single SIM card, or 100,000.

  • Activate and deactivate SIM cards
  • Apply IMEI locks
  • Manage SIM card expiry dates
  • Specify data usage limits
  • Visualize data usage
Learn more about our Dashboard
The Soracom dashboard

A complete solution for IoT

The 4 sizes of SIM card, stacked together

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