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From proof of concept to global deployment, SORACOM Air provides worldwide, commitment-free mobile data service designed for IoT and M2M. Connect across networks, from 2G, 3G, 4G LTE cellular to Cat M1 (where available), Sigfox and LoRaWAN.

Soracom Air

The Soracom IoT SIM supports all standard form factors, including eSIM, and comes standard with the tools you need for full control over every connection in your IoT network.

Soracom Air Features

Soracom Air

Integrating Soracom Air for Cellular with your IoT application begins with an Air SIM module (SIM card or Embedded SIM). Much like the SIM cards you receive from mobile network operators, an Air SIM module authorizes a device to connect to cellular networks and establish data connections.

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No minimum order quantities, and pay-as-you-go pricing where only ever be charged only for the data you use.

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With service in over 120 countries, devices get the connection they need on the strongest network available.

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Manage your entire IoT network with either the the Soracom USer Console, or our powerful REST API.

Technical Capabilities

Devices that connect to the cloud with Soracom Air can take advantage of a number of great technical capabilities that you won’t find from other IoT service providers.

  • Data Usage Monitoring: Data usage for every SIM is charted in the user console and always available via API.
  • SIM Local Info: The Soracom SIM applet can pull device location, remaining charge, and more.
  • IMEI Lock: Lock SIMs to specific devices to prevent tampering.
  • CHAP Authentication: Protect connections with a username and password.
  • Custom DNS: Use your own DNS servers to control access, switch access points, or program trigger-based DNS changes with the API.
  • Metadata Service: View, update, or even change device connection information over HTTP. No SDK or credentials required.
  • SMS Communication: Send SMS messages to devices, between devices, or from devices to your servers and clouds.
  • USSD: Reduce data cost by using USSD for small data payloads.

Soracom User Console

It should be easy to manage a network of connected devices. The Soracom IoT Dashboard gives you full control over every SIM card that’s connected to our network, all from a single platform that’s easy to use.

Soracom User Console

Learn more about the Soracom User Console

Purchasing Soracom Air SIM Cards

Soracom Air SIMs can be purchased directly from Soracom via our store, or directly from the Soracom User Console.

Soracom Air Pricing

Soracom offers IoT connectivity in more than 140 countires, with the cost to send and recieve data depending on the country the devices is located in.

View our full coverage and rates here.

As well as data tranition fees, you will incur a small data fee for every Soracom SIM card that’s set to ACTIVE in your account.

Basic Fee Volume Discount

If you have more than 100 Active or Inactive SIMs in your account, a basic fee volume discount is automatically applied to the SIM card daily basic fees.

  • First 100 Active or Inactive SIMs: $0.06/day
  • Additional Active or Inactive SIMs above 100: $0.05/day

Basic fee volume discounts are applied progressively, so that the basic fee for the first 100 Active or Inactive SIMs in your account will be calculated at $0.06/day (per SIM), and any additional Active or Inactive SIMs will be calculated at $0.05/day.

Learn more about Soracom fees

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