[Podcast] Understanding the Role of Connectivity in IoT Deployments with Chris Whitaker

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Welcome back to What to Expect When You’re Connecting, the Soracom podcast where we speak with people responsible for building, deploying, supplying, and supporting connected solutions out in the wild. This includes how connectivity and connected technologies are shaping the world through countless applications, both large and small. I’m your host, Ryan Carlson, and in our third season, we hope to expand our mission statement beyond being a podcast for the IoT curious and instead provide a voice for the industry as a whole. That means exploring new solutions, new technologies, and new ideas – something we’d love to talk about!

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In This Episode – The Role of Connectivity in Bringing Connected Products and Services to Market with Chris Whitaker

IoT technologies are constantly evolving to cover new and exciting functions, meet unique and interesting use cases, and generally make the world a more functional and efficient place – and none of that happens without connectivity. Yet, while connectivity is the lifeblood of the IoT, not everyone understands it well enough to speak confidently about the connectivity needs of their organization or project.

In this week’s episode, we speak with Chris Whitaker, the GM and VP of Mobility solutions at Spectrotel and host of The Wireless Way podcast. We delve into his 25 years of telecom and connectivity experience to discuss some of the complexities of IoT connectivity and how it affects more than just the operational side of deployments. The discussion delves into the significance of asking the right questions, how aligning tocustomer needs isn’t always obvious, and foreseeing unintended consequences to ensure successful IoT implementations. Chris also emphasizes the critical role of connectivity in IoT solutions and offers advice on preparing sales teams to navigate this evolving landscape confidently.

This episode is perfect for individuals navigating IoT deployment challenges from a connectivity perspective. Chris and Ryan discuss strategies for successful deployments, including creatively addressing customer needs, understanding market dynamics, and exploring the role of industry knowledge in tech sales.

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