30 Real Life IoT User Cases at CeBit 2017

30 Real Life IoT User Cases at CeBit 2017

The Internet of Things can sometimes seem like an abstract concept, but there are plenty of real companies, large and small, applying IoT technology to improve our world today. This year, Soracom will bring nearly 30 different inspiring real-life use cases to its demo centre at CeBIT 2017!


Hands on with IoT


CeBIT will put Internet of Things on center stage. Japan is involved as a Partner Country and Soracom is a Premium Partner for Cebit 2017. What a perfect combination!

We will present our solutions together with our partners and customers showing plenty of real use-cases in different industries. This year, the Soracom exhibit will offer a demo center featuring nearly 30 inspiring devices and live demos demonstrating a wide range of practical IoT applications.

Examples range from Anaxeos — technology to understand dogs better, tracking not only their location but their emotions, feelings and other vital metrics, to the yye-catching smart-energy solution OMNILED, powered by an omnidirectional wind turbine and high efficiency solar cells… with many more to discover!

Today, we are honored to announce our main partners at CeBIT 2017:

  • Enerbrain — makes buildings smarter, healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient, with no upfront investment.
  • Wavesys — an Integrated Radio Platform, born from the knowledge and experience acquired by Wavecom in large, complex projects.
  • Comptel — operates globally in the developing Operations Support Systems (OSS) market for telecommunications, with offices in 20 locations worldwide.
  • Istmos — wine supply chain monitoring system provider, maintaining wine quality and monitoring the wine supply chain from the winery to the end consumer.
  • MultiTech — provides Internet of Things and M2M products and services to connect “things” to the Internet.
  • Preferred Networks America — operates as a software development company focused on applying real-time machine-learning technologies to new applications in the emerging field of the Internet of Things.


All these companies will present their solutions at CeBIT Soracom stand B37, Hall 12.

Look forward to meet all our partners and customers in Hannover and welcome new customers to Soracom family!

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