IoT Device Implementation Guide

Reduce the number of network connections per device

Last Updated: June 27th, 2024

Another goal should be to minimize the number of network connections between the IoT Device and the network, as described in TS.34_4.0_REQ_002.

This depends largely on the use case, as applications such as real-time tracking necessitate a persistent network connection to allow continuous transmission of location data.

However, for non-real-time use cases, developers should consider whether their application really requires transferring 10 bytes of data every 10 seconds, or if it is possible to transfer 60 bytes every 60 seconds instead.

Such a design decision can be mutually beneficial to the device by reducing its power consumption as well as the network since a single 60-byte transfer makes more efficient use of the wireless spectrum compared to six separate transfers of 10 bytes each.

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