IoT Device Implementation Guide

Handle resources properly

Last Updated: July 3rd, 2024

To ensure the proper device operation and connectivity, IoT Device Applications must be aware of the resources used, including their corresponding protocols and parameters, and should manage them appropriately.

For example, when implementing SMS communication in an application, the application must coordinate the management of SMS storage on the SIM and the timing of the communications module connecting to a network.

If a SIM does not have enough storage, the module might reject an SMS, and if the device does not remain online long enough, the SMS might never reach it. The application must handle these resources properly to ensure successful SMS delivery.

The specifics of how the application should coordinate these resources will depend on many factors, such as whether the communications module uses a specific technology or feature such as Power-Saving Mode (PSM) β€” a feature that allows the module to stay connected to the network and receive an incoming SMS before transitioning to a low-power sleep mode, rather than completely shutting down and being unreachable β€” and whether or not the MNO supports the feature.

While device applications should be designed to leverage these capabilities as cellular networks and wireless technologies continue to evolve, they should also take into account the global phase-out of 2G and 3G networks.

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