Free SIM offer

Let us help you get your IoT / M2M project started with a Free SIM from Soracom

  • 10,000+ customers use Soracom around the world
  • No minimum commitments
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing. Only pay for the data you use
  • Easily connect your devices to the cloud
  • We provide a suite of tools to remotely manage your devices

Cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M

Why 10,000+ businesses around the world use Soracom

Rapid, Easy POC

We’ve helped 10k+ businesses get their projects moving with award-winning IoT products and solutions.

Pricing you’ll like

Pay as you go pricing with device usage aggregated across all devices. No minimum commitments or NDAs.

Global Scalability

One SIM to connect to 117 countries. Connect to 2G/3G/LTE/Cat M1 data/LoraWan or Sigfox

Get control with the console and API

Our SORACOM SIM provides full access to our SORACOM Air User Console and API for complete, programmable control over your IoT / M2M network.

  • Monitor and manage the state of every connection
  • View active/inactive status
  • Check data usage
  • Adjust speed
  • Pause/restart or terminate any connection at any time


For additional features, please visit our products page

About the SORACOM Platform

The Soracom network is built on AWS, so it’s ready to scale with you and offers a wide range of options for private networking and cloud integration.

Whether you prefer AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure, the Soracom platform lets you connect more easily and securely.

Data Rates


In the United States and Canada:

  • 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Cat M1 Networks Supported
  • Data rates: $0.073 USD (7.3 cents) per MiB
  • Billing Unit: 100 KiB
  • Pooled data pricing across all your Soracom SIMs
  • 117 countries supported, see pricing table


Note: Volume discounts available at pooled volumes as low as 250 MiB

For additional SIMs

  • Each SIM: $5.00 USD
  • eSIM: Sample package of 10, $99.00 USD


Volume discounts available when purchasing more than 100 SIMs. Please contact us for discounted pricing.

SIMs can be purchased directly from the User Console – just create an account and get started.

Free SIM Activation & Daily SIM fee

Soracom lets you take control of connectivity fees. Pay only $0.06 USD per day while your SIM is active, with no monthly minimum, and no activation fee. Not using your SIM for a while? Put it in Standby or Suspended, and pay no daily fees*.

Reduce rates also available for accounts with more than 100 SIMs!

*A $1.80 USD re-activation fee applies when changing a SIM from Standby or Suspended back to Active.

There are no contracts or obligations to use the SIM. Please note:

– To activate the SIM, you’ll need to create an account with Soracom which requires a credit card

– For customers in Canada, a US credit card is required to create an account

– You can turn the SIM on and off, but while on, there are charges to use the SIM

– Daily usage rates start at 1.3 cents a day and data rates start at 7.3 cents/Mbyte