Visualize IoT Data Easily with Soracom Lagoon 3.0

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With the growing number and complexity of connected smart devices, making sense of all the data collected by a fleet of sensors is becoming increasingly important. To this end, Soracom is pleased to announce the release of Soracom Lagoon 3, the biggest update to our IoT data visualization and analytics tool in the past 2 years.

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What is Soracom Lagoon?

Based on Grafana, an open-source, community-backed resource for analytics and monitoring, Soracom Lagoon is a cloud-based data visualization service that utilizes data collected from IoT devices by Soracom Harvest to create customizable dashboards. The tool can arrange data into a variety of visual media, including graphs, tables, heat maps, and more.

The service also allows users to set thresholds for any parameter in the dashboard, creating alerts whenever those thresholds are met or exceeded. These alerts, which can be sent via email, Slack, Webhook, or another preferred channel, can be invaluable in the maintenance and upkeep of an IoT project. 

What’s New in Lagoon 3?

Though previous versions had been designed with a smaller scale in mind, the latest updates to Lagoon make the tool a more versatile option for enterprise deployments. These updates include:

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Variable and Library Panels

  • Variables – Dashboards with data from multiple sensors have previously required a panel for each sensor or device. With variable panels, you can simplify your dashboard and let your users select which sensor data they need to see without cluttering the visuals. Read more about this new feature here.
  • Library Panels – Simplify and streamline your dashboard design process by not only re-using panels that work well for you but also by managing and maintaining panels in your consistent panel library. Read more about this new feature here.

Enhanced Alerts

There are also new configuration options for threshold alerts. These include:

  • Alert notifications can now be routed to different destinations based on the alert conditions. This makes it easier to disseminate necessary information to the appropriate parties within your organization.
  • There is also a new mute option that can suppress notifications during specific times, such as weekends or holidays. Read more on how to set “quiet hours” here
  • Alerts can now be tied to calculated data. Whereas previous versions of Soracom Lagoon only support alerts based on original device data, this latest iteration can calculate totals, deficits, and averages to trigger alerts. You can see an example of this process here.

New Panel Types for Your Dashboard

There is a bevy of new visualization options available under Lagoon 3. In addition to all of the previous options, you can now represent device data in your dashboard as a:

  • Time Series
  • Bar Chart
  • State Timeline
  • Status History
  • Histogram
  • Geomap
  • Node Graph
  • And more!

Improved Dashboard Permissions Management

While previous versions of Soracom Lagoon only allowed for dashboard-level permissions, administrators can now control permissions at the folder and team levels. Folder-level permissions automatically apply to all dashboards within the folder, while team permissions allow easier management of larger user groups.

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What if I’m Using an Older Version of Soracom Lagoon

Soracom Lagoon 2 will sunset on May 31, 2024, and while it will continue to support existing projects, all new Lagoon projects will have to be made with the newer version. Fortunately, migrating to Lagoon 3 is easy.

How Can I Migrate from Soracom Lagoon 2 to Lagoon 3?

The good news is that some of the work associated with getting your project set up with Lagoon 3 has already been done. A copy of current users’ data has automatically been migrated to Lagoon 3, though alerts in the newer iteration have been muted to avoid duplicate notifications. This will not lead to any additional charges.

Any changes made by users in Lagoon 2 at this point will not be reflected in Lagoon 3, so you will want to refer to our migration guard here.

Got any questions about Lagoon, Harvest, or any Soracom products and services? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today.