SORACOM Air for Sigfox Global IoT and M2M connectivity

Sigfox Global coverage (April 2018)

Today we announced the commercial launch of our Global SORACOM Air for Sigfox connectivity service for IoT and M2M. This marks another major milestone for us in our mission to bring to IoT and M2M enterprises and technologists our cloud-native and connectivity-agnostic platform offerings.

Sigfox has become one of the standards for low-bandwidth and low-power IoT networking, enabling product owners to build devices that can last years in the field on a single battery. They are quickly expanding around the world and they are for us one of the key players in today’s IoT ecosystem. Early on, we integrated their capabilities in a beta offering and collaborated with their team to run workshops in the Silicon Valley, London and Paris.

Sigfox Global coverage (April 2018)

Sigfox Global coverage (April 2018)

In conversations with IoT technologists, customers, partners, and workshop participants, we quickly recognised their shared need for a common platform flexible enough to support Cellular or LPWA and store data directly or deliver data acquisition to a preferred cloud or private environment. At the same time, such a platform would need to offer the agility, flexibility and global reach that has come to be natural for any business using cloud services.

From there, we set out to deliver a Sigfox offering that we felt would satisfy even the most experienced cloud-native enterprises, with this in mind we designed with the following ground rules:

  • Completely self-service
  • Works the same way with Cellular and Sigfox/LPWA
  • Advanced platform capabilities
  • Cloud-enabled, cloud-native
  • Global reach
  • Pay-as-you-go/Pay-as-you-grow basis
  • Bundled or Bring-your-own-devices
  • Realtime, API driven

This is how we came to today’s launch, where we provide an all in one Sigfox connectivity and platform that automatically adjusts charges in realtime on a daily basis. We feel this model is a great fit for devices lifecycle. Check out our product page here if you’d like to learn more.

To try SORACOM Global Air for Sigfox with your devices, simply head over to our console and go to Sigfox Devices > Register. Once you have a device registered, assign it to a Sigfox Device Group and you’ll start receiving data.

SORACOM Sigfox device registration console
SORACOM Sigfox device registration console
We’ve also launched Starter Kits which you can pickup from our console in orders > New Order
We have two models available: EU kit with MKRFOR 1200 and US kit with MKR 1000 together with SeaSlugLabs

Last but not least, we’ve also published a tutorial on how to code your Arduino device to work with our Sigfox offering, giving you the basis for a data and power optimised device design and development.
You can access it on our workshops Github wiki:

SORACOM US Workshop Wiki
SORACOM EU Workshop Wiki

We believe that enterprises, developers, product owners and technologists alike should have the ability to use IoT technologies how they best fit their business, we can’t wait to see what will be built with our global self-service, pay-as-you-go and integrated platform service for Sigfox.

If you’d like to learn more about Soracom and IoT in general or otherwise come test out your code with us, please feel free to join one of our Hands-on Workshops in San Francisco, Paris or London!

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