[Podcast] Overcoming Challenges with eSIM in IoT Devices

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Welcome back to What to Expect When You’re Connecting, the Soracom podcast where we speak with some of the brightest minds in IoT about the ins and outs of connected technology and how these devices are shaping the world at large. I’m your host, Ryan Carlson, and in our third season, we hope to expand our mission statement beyond being a podcast for the IoT curious and instead provide a voice for the industry as a whole.

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In This Episode – Overcoming Challenges with Embedded SIMs (eSIM) in IoT Devices

It is the nature of smart technologies to grow smaller even as they grow more complex, and that means that developers and fleet managers need to make every bit of space count. To make the most of an often tight footprint, modern smart devices are being increasingly designed with eSIM technology in mind. With its smaller form factor, improved physical security, and innate ability to remotely change carriers on demand, the eSIM is an attractive proposition for anyone designing, deploying, or managing a fleet of connected devices.

In this week’s episode, we speak Titu Botos, CEO of IoT Solutions design firm NeuronicWorks, about the impact that eSIM technology can have on an IoT deployment. We’ll talk about the economic and environmental benefits of an eSIM deployment, discuss the challenges of adopting a new SIM solution for an existing organization, and even discuss what the future of eSIM – and even iSIM – technologies look like.

This episode is ideal for anyone who is curious about how an eSIM could impact their deployment, especially those who are on the fence about whether or not a more modern SIM solution could impact their bottom line.

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