Introducing Conversations in Connectivity, an IoT Podcast

Podcast logo, Conversations in Connectivity

We started an IoT podcast focused on sharing the outside expertise and advice you’ll need to take full control of your connectivity operations! Dubbed ‘Connections in Connectivity,’ the show hopes to illuminate some of the ways that connectivity is powering the modern world from the people who are doing it.

Within each weekly episode, you’ll find curated conversations from all corners of connectivity, the internet of things, smart products, and the industries that are building and deploying these technologies to solve problems around us.

For those adding connectivity to products for the first time or seeking to optimize and scale existing connectivity operations, these conversations are for you. 

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The podcast is one of several projects run by the Soracom Media Lab. An initiative with a mandate to create relevant educational and inspirational audio and video content and make it available on the platforms that people already go to get exposure to new ideas about connectivity. Check out long-form videos on our YouTube channel, short-form videos on Instagram, social media platforms like LinkedIn, and how-to videos on various technical forums. 

Check Out Our First Published Interview

In our first episode, we sat down with David Armstrong, a digitalization evangelist, and director at a digital engineering firm Cohesive. We spoke with him about how connectivity is helping to empower the ongoing digitization of workplace knowledge. Check out that conversation below:


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