Conversations in Connectivity Podcast – Episode 2: How Oil & Gas Companies Invest in IoT

Podcast Episode 2, Connections in Connectivity

Welcome back to Conversations in Connectivity, our IoT podcast that hopes to illuminate some of the ways that smart technologies are powering the modern world by speaking with the people who are making it happen.

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In This Episode

We’re looking at how connectivity decisions are made in the oil & gas industry, as well as the factors that influence investments in new technology.

To do this, we spoke with Jeff May and Scott Kennedy, President and Vice President at Logix Sales and Marketing, who have helped many organizations resolve engineering and design challenges within the oil and gas industry and beyond. Their experience working with OEM organizations has given them a unique perspective on building smart solutions for challenging areas.

This conversation is less about what they are building and more about why an industry that’s resistant to change and slow to adopt new technology is pushing forward with big investments in tech that’s reliant on connectivity.

To make the most sense of how change happens, we need to address an important question,
“Who picks up the phone when the energy companies call looking for answers?”

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