3 Things IoT Developers Should Expect of Their Connectivity Provider

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Whether your project is in the development or deployment phase, you’ll likely have extremely high expectations from your IoT Connectivity Provider. 

Wireless connectivity is an integral component of IoT, and while the major Telcos may be able to get your project off the ground, choosing a service plan that can’t adapt to your ever-changing needs can create a number of challenges your project could otherwise have avoided. 

Once you fully understand the scope of your deployment, the last thing you need is a “one size fits all” approach to pricing and reach. You need a vendor that is as in tune with your demands as you are. 

Here are three things you should expect from your Smart IoT Connectivity provider.

1. Smart IoT Connectivity Should Be Deployable and Scalable

Say you’re on a time crunch. Will your connectivity solution be able to get your IoT SIM Cards up and running in time to meet deployment goals? 

What if you need to put additional devices into the field? Will you be billed for each individual SIM Card or can you pay-as-you-go for your data usage? 

When your IoT provider is a Telco, there are often long-term contracts to sign, minimum order quantities and seemingly never-ending costs that are added to your monthly bill.

But when you connect your devices with a connectivity solution like Soracom, your IoT connectivity needs can scale seamlessly alongside your deployment. 

Whether that means seamlessly integrating additional devices to your deployment, connecting to cloud servers without having to manage dozens of SDKs or credentials, or simply applying volume discounts and data pooling once your project is large enough to require them.

2. IoT Coverage Should Be Sweeping and Secure

Cellular connectivity has come a long way, but the realistic limitations of any one network can be stifling to some IoT projects. Soracom is a blended carrier that allows your devices to connect automatically to the strongest available signal wherever they are being deployed. You don’t even need to be constrained to cellular connections either, as Soracom supports simultaneous data transfers over cellular, LPWA, WiFi, and satellite. 

You will also need to establish a private network to ensure that your data is secured from potential intrusions, as well as monitoring software that allows you to pinpoint any irregularities in your traffic. With credentials and keys stored in the cloud, network encryption, and integration with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, Soracom provides the security your application demands.

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3. Control Your IoT Data Usage, Don’t Let it Control You

Most traditional cellular services were not created with IoT technology in mind. Always-connected devices such as smartphones are constantly sending and receiving data, but what if your deployment involves shipping units overseas? Do you really want your devices to remain connected in transit? Or what if you need to rethink your plans? Do you really want your devices active while your team is whiteboarding solutions? 

Seek out a provider that allows you to not only monitor your data usage, but adjust it as needed. Soracom boasts connection management tools that allow you to start and stop data utilization on demand, as well as lifecycle management solutions that adapt to your increasingly complex needs.

The Total Package

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for IoT connectivity, as every deployment and developer faces unique challenges. That’s why you should invest in a provider like Soracom, a secure Smart IoT platform that can scale to meet the demands of your ever-evolving project. By providing monitoring tools, multiple pricing options and versatile accessibility, you can ensure that your team is set up for success.

You can learn more about this topic, by checking out our eBook: What the Telcos Won’t Tell You.


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