Improving Cellular Power Efficiency with Network-Side Control for IoT Devices

Presented by: Markus Pihl, IoT Connectivity Specialist, Soracom

In Collaboration with: Qoitech and Sony

Cutting down on power consumption brings immense benefits to IoT applications.

Join our technical demonstration webinar, led by Markus Pihl, IoT Connectivity Specialist at Soracom, in collaboration with Qoitech and Sony. This event is designed for device developers, CTOs, and IoT enthusiasts who are dedicated to enhancing the power efficiency of cellular connectivity in their sustainable business models.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the intricacies of cellular power management, specifically:

  • Optimising Device Settings: Challenges in adapting device settings for different cellular environments and the potential of network-side control for power-saving features.
  • Network-Controlled Adaptations: Step-by-step guide on modifying eDRX values through the Soracom API push, illustrating the seamless implementation of these changes on an LTE-M connected Sony Spresense, without any data transmission or active changes on the device.
  • Impact Analysis: Using Qoitech’s Otii Arc Pro tool, we’ll showcase the before-and-after power profiles of the device, demonstrating the substantial impact of eDRX value adjustments on power efficiency.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is ideally suited for cellular device and application builders/engineers, CTOs, and IoT enthusiasts who are focused on leveraging the power efficiency of cellular connectivity for long-lasting, sustainable solutions.

Watch now to learn how to take control of your IoT devices’ power efficiency through network-side adaptations.

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