SORACOM adds SMS transmission via API to SORACOM IoT Connectivity

Supports programmable IOT device management and two-way communication when IP data is unavailable

Tokyo — SORACOM, INC. provider of the leading cloud-native communication platform for the Internet of Things, today announced that secure, programmable SMS delivery has been added to the API suite for the SORACOM Air IOT connectivity service.

In IOT applications, SMS is typically used to push configuration information from a server to devices, set devices to sleep or waking state, or to execute specific commands. However, sending SMS requires a persistent cellular connection between the devices and the server, and has the potential to expose devices to security risks.

Sending SMS via API calls not only makes it possible to automate SMS tranmission but also supports use of a server located outside the cellular communication network. Because this function requires the destination SIM to be pre-authenticated in a SORACOM account, it also prevents access by outside parties even if they acquire identifying information for devices.

The SORACOM SMS API allows connected devices to send information to an external server, or even to other devices in the same network. This gives devices access to additional SORACOM services, including SORACOM Beam, Funnel, and Harvest, allowing secure connection to public endpoints, collection and visualization of device data, and direct transmission of data to leading cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Because there is no need to activate an IP data session, sending data via SMS can reduce power usage associated with signalling and transmitting headers, and works even in cases where IP data sessions are not supported by specific devices or local operators. Cost for IP data is generally lower, so this works very well as a backup when IP data is not available or when battery life is at a premium.

SMS transmission via API is available in public beta beginning October 11, 2017. During this beta period there is no charge for SMS sent from servers or devices in a user’s SORACOM network.

SORACOM will continue to develop services and expand its functions so that customers can create and release new IoT solutions quickly and easily. Soracom is committed to creating a more connected world, and will contribute to the development of the IoT industry through the SORACOM platform.

Endorsements from Private Beta users

OPTEX Company, Limited provides solutions to ensure safety, security, and comfort using advanced sensor technology. OPTEX specializes in indoor and outdoor passive and active infrared technology, including a wide variety of hardwired and wireless outdoor detectors and photobeams, specialized sensors to trigger automatic doors, LEDs, and CCTV systems, and a one-of-a-kind Class-1 Laser detector for high security applications.

Gateway devices are indispensable to our solutions. However, stable gateway operation can be difficult unless we incorporate various ancillary functions (failure detection, life and death monitoring, etc.) in addition to the base application. The SORACOM SMS API lets us securely communicate with our gateway devices using SMS, allowing activation, resetting, maintenance and control even when trouble occurs or mobile networks are not available. This new function helps us to deliver more powerful solutions, and I look forward to its general release.

KYOSO Co., Ltd. welcomes the general release of SORACOM’s SMS transmission API. Our service provides enterprise IoT systems for a wide range of industrial and Smart City applications. Many in-field devices require occasional restart for proper operation, and in cases where IP communication is not available we can ensure restart capability using SMS. To date, has relied on external services to handle SMS transmission. The ability to deliver SMS securely using the SORACOM API lets us streamline system design while ensuring efficient SMS delivery. I am looking forward to using this feature to add new user-centric capabilities while reducing IoT complexity.

About SORACOM – Soracom is the market-leading platform for cloud-native IoT connectivity. We provide customers and partners across industries with the tools they need to connect, protect, control and coordinate their IoT deployments at speed and at scale. More than 8,000 customers worldwide now rely on Soracom solutions to bring cutting-edge IoT use cases from concept to market.

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Company Name: SORACOM, INC.
CEO: Ken Tamagawa
Headquarters: Oshima Bldg. 3F, Tamagawa 4-5-6,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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