SigFox Canada: Canada's Nationwide 0G network

A nationwide IoT network for every thing


A Nationwide 0G IoT network

Sigfox Canada launched in April 2019 as Canada’s first nationwide provider of low power, wide area (LPWA) connectivity for IoT devices. As the Canadian network operator for the Sigfox Global IoT Network, Sigfox Canada provides Sigfox 0G connectivity from coast to coast, as far east as St. John’s, Newfoundland, and as far west as Vancouver, British Columbia.

Unlike short-range communication technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Sigfox LPWA transmissions can send small data packets across tremendous distances — 3-10km in urban areas, and as much as 50km in rural areas.

For the tiny sensors and actuators powering many IoT deployments, this combination of low power draw and extraordinary range offers significant advantages, especially in terms of connectivity cost and battery life.

The Soracom connectivity model offered significant savings… and the network management platform is a great value add: simple and comprehensive compared to other alternatives.

Manuel Vera SVP of Engineering and Operations, Sigfox Canada


Enhanced IoT performance; reduced network cost

For Canadian organizations and developers seeking to deploy connected solutions, the major challenges cluster around connectivity cost, battery life, and range.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth offer relatively low cost, but extremely limited range and battery life (along with potential issues related to security and stability).

Similarly, high-speed cellular data service offers high data bandwidths at the cost of additional battery power and higher specifications than tiny remote devices typically require.

SigFox 0G networking offers a low cost, long battery life solution for IoT applications that thrive on low bandwidth and long range.


Low power, wide area, high value

For IoT devices with low bandwidth needs, Sigfox 0G connectivity offers a compelling mix of affordability, power efficiency, and coverage availability. At the hardware level, Sigfox modules can also reduce overall build cost for IoT devices.

High compatibility with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular supports blended implementations that take advantage of the best features of all types of IoT connectivity. For example, energy retailer NICIGAS is now using Sigfox LPWA along with Soracom smart cellular to connect a network of 850,000 smart gas meters across Japan.

Sigfox Canada lets users connect everything from small GPS trackers to fully-enabled weather stations. Other common applications take advantage of Sigfox 0G connectivity to power solutions in smart logistics, smart buildings, smart agriculture and smart cities.

Why Soracom?

Low cost, deep capability, and speed to scale

Low operating expense represents a crucial requirement for the Sigfox Canada network. Given that the network is growing rapidly, Sigfox Canada also needed to be able to add connections quickly while maintaining visibility and control.

The Sigfox Canada team conducted an extensive search for qualified providers that continued until they found Soracom.

As Sigfox Canada SVP of Engineering and Operations Manuel Vera explains, “The Soracom connectivity model offered significant savings over our existing suppliers, along with redundancy alternatives that other suppliers could not offer.

The ability to scale and grow was appealing, and the network management platform is a great value add: simple and comprehensive compared to other alternatives.”

Future Plans

Expanded coverage and world-class partnerships

Based on strong initial adoption, Sigfox Canada is now focused on expanding both its IoT connectivity map and its network of relationships.

Coverage enhancement is the company’s first priority, with availability currently increasing at an extraordinary pace, measurable on a weekly basis.

Sigfox Canada is also developing a strong network of partnerships across the country. The IoT value chain encompasses manufacturing, hardware, software, connectivity, cloud integration and more, and Sigfox Canada is actively engaging with providers developing IoT solutions to improve current processes in various areas or create compelling new services and applications for sensors and data.