SORACOM Door enabling a dedicated connection to your IoT system – Now Available

Soracom Door & Soracom Direct

Soracom Door


On 1 January 2016, SORACOM Direct was released — a dedicated line direct connection service that uses AWS Direct Connect between your system, established in any environment, and SORACOM.

Establish a dedicated connection to your system with SORACOM Direct.

AWS Tokyo region Soracom Direct

Today, SORACOM Door was announced as a sister service to SORACOM Direct.

With Door, it becomes possible to use an Internet VPN tunnel as a dedicated line substitute. I believe it would be used more widely as it allows safe routing & communication for lower cost. It can also be used as a backup option for Direct.

AWS Tokyo region Soracom Door

Technical Specifications for SORACOM Door

SORACOM Door internally utilizes the VPN Connection feature provided by AWS. Compatible routers, connection methods and other technical requirements conform to the VPN Connection feature provided by AWS. Please refer to the following insightful information regarding the VPN Connection feature provided by AWS.

(Reference) AWS VPC FAQ — What customer gateway devices are known to work with Amazon VPC

(Reference) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide — Adding a Hardware Virtual Private Gateway to Your VPC

(Reference) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Network Administrator Guide


As of July 2016, we are offering SORACOM Door with the same limited preview status as SORACOM Direct. Those who would like to use it will need to send us required information from the application page below.

  • SORACOM Door Limited Preview Application


After applying, SORACOM will create a unique SORACOM Virtual Private Gateway (VPG) for you along with a VPN connection entry point and mail you the VPN configuration information. You will need to configure your group in the user console accordingly to ensure your SORACOM Air SIMs belong to this VPG. A VPN will be established based on the settings data, creating a closed-network from the devices to your system.


The SORACOM platform started offering dedicated line connections. The platform is now evolving to provide closed-network connections between SORACOM platform and on-site environments and non-AWS cloud environments. I look forward to this new service being utilized in a variety of use cases.

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