Let’s Talk IoT Devices: IoT Boards

Let’s Talk IoT Devices: IoT Boards
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Let’s Talk IoT Devices: IoT Boards

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi? Microcontroller vs microprocessor? There are so many considerations when developing an IoT application. How will you know which hardware setup is best for your IoT deployment?

In the first in a series of webinars, Dora Terjek, IoT Device Product Manager at Soracom will explain the pros and cons of different hardware device types when deploying an IoT application. After all, selecting the right IoT board is a key decision that directly impacts the capabilities, scalability, and security of your IoT project.

We will give you all the information you need to decide exactly which device is right for your IoT application. No strong-arm sales tactics, no glossy demos, just the key considerations to help make sense of your options.

Join us to learn:

  • How your IoT project defines your hardware needs
  • The essential elements when choosing an IoT board
  • How hardware impacts prototyping vs. mass-produced solutions
  • Smart hardware decisions to enable scalability
  • Ideal use cases for each device
  • How hardware extensions can amplify board capabilities


Let’s Talk IoT Devices: IoT Boards

Dora Terjek

IoT Device Product Manager

Dora is an IoT Product Manager with over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. She is responsible for building up Soracom's device strategy and hardware portfolio outside of Japan. Dora has been focusing on driving the commercial business strategy and IoT product roadmap at OEMs like Deutsche Telekom and Telia Company prior to joining Soracom.