Supercharge your IoT offering with custom hardware

Supercharge your IoT offering with custom hardware
Supercharge your IoT offering with custom hardware
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Supercharge your IoT offering with custom hardware

Proudly partnered with Analog Life Consulting

Have you completed your IoT PoC and are confident it will work seamlessly for your customers when deployed in the field? How do you build that ‘thing’ you need, and rely on it to work at scale after you’ve protoyped?

Chris and Brenna weigh up the pros and cons of custom and off-the-shelf hardware for your IoT projects and answer questions that developers may not even be aware of to ask themselves when building PoCs that may cause a blocker downstream in the lifecycle of an IoT project.

Who is This Webinar for?

This webinar is for any hardware developer, engineer, CTO, product manager involved in creating Proof of Concepts/prototypes to bring IoT devices to market. From start-ups to Enterprise, and in industries from automotive to consumer wearables and everything in between, all IoT projects start with bringing the right hardware components together.

This webinar poses questions that developers need to ask themselves at the start of an IoT project, to mitigate issues that may occur further down the line of an IoT project build.


Supercharge your IoT offering with custom hardware

Chris Gammell

Analog Life Consulting

Chris Gammell is an electrical engineer, podcaster and design consultant from Chicago IL. He has over 20 years of electronics design experience, working for companies in the industrial, silicon, communications, and test and measurement space. His main work is Analog Life Consulting, where he creates designs for clients ranging from connected sensor networks to wearable performance tracking.


Brenna Belletti


Brenna is a Solutions Architect at Soracom helping customers design and develop their cellular IoT projects. Brenna’s background is as a software engineer who has worked on a wide variety of development platforms and systems whilst leveraging a variety of languages and technologies across her various technical and engineering roles.