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Cellular Data For IoT Applications

Soracom maintains the highest star rating of any provider for Managed IoT Connectivity Services on Gartner Peer Insights. That’s because we take a different approach when it comes to cellular connectivity – keep reading to learn more.

Multicarrier connectivity eliminates coverage compromises

A Soracom SIM/eSIM allows your devices to automatically connect across multiple carriers.

Failover between carriers keeps your devices connected

Soracom SIM technology allows modems to failover to another carrier tower if there is a service outage or a drop in service.

Developers: Make sure your modem is configured properly to leverage carrier failover.

You’re not limited to just one subscription plan

Soracom can access over 350 carrier networks across 175 countries.

As coverage expands, you can push new subscriptions over-the-air whenever you need.

Deploy Your Devices Globally

With Soracom Plan01s your connected devices can be deployed and activated around the globe.

Get Enhanced Regional Coverage

For example, deployments in the United States with the Plan US-MAX subscription provide expanded access to include all three major carrier networks.

Developer plans get you testing and evaluating without delays

Order and activate SIMs, connect devices, and move at your own pace with monthly pay-as-you-go billing and on-demand access to platform tools and cloud-integration services.

Deployment pricing is tailored to your use case

Get the right plan, pricing structure, coverage, and mix of platform services to align with your technical requirements, business model, and go-to-market forecasts.

No Long-term Contracts • No Hidden Costs • No Minimum Platform Fees

Teams Love The Soracom User Console

Get things done without reliance on account managers or customer support

Mass-provision and deactivate SIMs, change plans, set usage limits, monitor usage, and control all aspects of your account within the Soracom User Console.

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