Spresense x Soracom

Sony's Spresense microcontroller with global LTE-M connectivity from Soracom

A high-performance microcontroller board with hi–res audio, camera input, internal GPS and Edge AI support, coupled with power of cellular IoT connectivity.

Soracom x Sony Spresense product

Small but mighty

What is Spresense?

The Spresense microcontroller from Sony features an integrated GPS, high-res audio output, multiple microphone inputs, as well as a camera interface for Sony’s own 5MP CMOS sensor.

Despite its compact footprint, Spresense is powered by a high-performance six-core microcontroller with a clock speed of 156 megahertz.

Spesense Specs
Spresense Microcontroller

Endless Possibilities

Spresense is built for use cases on the edge

The powerful capabilities of Spresense mean it can support a vast range of IoT use cases. The board is often featured in deployments where there is a requirement for sensor analysis, machine learning, image processing, and data filtering, in which other microcontroller-based alternatives fall short.



Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Smart Meter Reading

Smart Meter Reading

Perfect for IoT applications in virtually any industry, including:

  • ✅ Logistics and transport
  • ✅ Automatic quality inspection
  • ✅ Predictive maintenance
  • ✅ Wildlife monitoring
  • ✅ Cell tower remote inspection
  • ✅ Industrial connectivity
  • ✅ Gesture recognition
  • ✅ AI camera applications
  • ✅ Sound diagnostics
  • ✅ Home automation
  • ✅ Edge computing
  • ✅ FFT calculations
  • ✅ Robotics and drone control
  • ✅ GPS tracking
  • ✅ Remote monitoring
  • ✅ Image processing
  • ✅ Real-time sensor analysis
  • ✅ Hi-res audio solutions

Start Building with Spresense

Buy Sony’s Spresense Online

You can purchase Sony’s Spresense development board online now directly from the Soracom store, as an LTE Cat-M1 (LTE-M) bundle with everything you need to start building an IoT application.

The bundle includes the Spresense development board, LTE Extension Board, Soracom IoT SIM Card, and a connectivity coupon. You’ll have your PoC application up and running, transmitting data from the device to the cloud over cellular in no time.

  • ✅ LTE Cat-M1 / NB-IoT
  • ✅ On-board antenna
  • ✅ Low power consumption
  • ✅ Includes Soracom SIM + IoT Connectivity
  • ✅ Free Shipping








Cellular connectivity with LTE Cat-M1 (LTE-M)

Transmitting data from Spresense over cellular

When you couple the power of Spresense with IoT connectivity from Soracom, you can build something truly incredible. The development capabilities of Spresense combine with the ability to transmit data from the device over Soracom’s cellular network, making it easy to create truly ground-breaking technical innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sony's Spresense

Find out answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Spresense development board from Sony.

What is Sony’s Spresense?

The Spresense board from Sony is a single-board development kit equipped with Sony chipsets CXD5602 & CXD5247 microcomputer. It has been built specifically for IoT applications and features integrated Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), high-resolution audio playback and recording, and six low power consumption application processor cores.

How do I power the Spresense?

You can use a micro USB port on the main board to supply 5V power to Spresense. Please refer to Spresense documentation for more details.

What development tools are supported for Spresense?

Developers can program the Spresense using Arduino IDE, Eclipse IDE, or a development environment within a console.

What are the development languages for programming Spresense?

Spresense supports development languages including C ++ language and C language.

What OS does Spresense use?

Spresense adopts the NuttX Real-Time Operating System. However, developers who use Arduino IDE for programming will not need to be aware of the underlying OS.

Is it possible to run Linux on Spresense?

Unfortunately, no – it isn’t possible to run Linux on Spresense. However, NuttX has features that will be familiar to most Linux users.

Is there IoT connectivity functionality on Spresense?

IoT connectivity isn’t available by default. However, mounting the Spresense microcontroller to the LTE Extension Board adds LTE Cat-M1 (LTE-M) connectivity and carries an on-board antenna and a nanoSIM card holder. It also extends the interfaces of the Spresense main board with multiple mic inputs, headphone jack and microSD card slot.

What sensors are available for Spresense?

The main Spresense board comes with a GNSS sensor and support for 8 microphone inputs making it possible to create an acoustic sensor. With the use of Spresense Add-on board or Arduino shield, other sensors can also be connected.

Can I connect a camera to Spresense?

Utilizing a Sony 5 Mpixel image sensor with an onboard encoder capable of producing images in JPEG, RAW,Y/C or RGB format, the Spresense camera board is a powerful addition to your base unit.

Where can I buy Spresense?

You can purchase the Spresense LTE IoT Connectivity Kit right here on the Soracom website. This kit has everything you need to get up and running, including Sony Spresense, LTE Extension Board, Soracom LTE Cat-M1 (LTE-M) SIM Card + Connectivity Coupon.