Soracom Introduces IoT Subscription Containers for Advanced Multi-IMSI Capability

New service lets IoT devices add multiple wireless profiles over the air without compromising capability or memory

Seattle, WA – July 16, 2020 – Soracom, Inc., a global provider of smart connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the release of Subscription Containers for IoT SIMs and eSIMs operating on the Soracom Air global data service. This advanced Multi-IMSI capability extends profile management capabilities to any Soracom SIM or eSIM connected with Soracom’s standard global data plan (plan01s), including those already deployed in over 2 million devices around the world.

Since the eSIMs often used in IoT cannot be physically swapped, they generally use a technology called eUICC to change operator profiles over the air (OTA). This allows devices to choose between multiple networks for best signal strength, lowest cost, or both, wherever they may be located.

However, this approach can come at a cost, especially for large IoT deployments. eUICC SIM cards require higher performance and greater storage capacity than standard UICC SIMs, and the price difference can have a significant impact on project ROI.

Likewise, downloading multiple carrier profiles across an entire network of devices can consume large amounts of data, may not be supported by all device modems, and may not be feasible in areas with weak connections. SMS downloads offer an alternative, but require devices to receive many messages over a long period of time and may fail if messages are lost in transit.

By applying a container model, Soracom Air Subscription Containers enables lightweight subscription management that can be used on standard UICC SIMs and eSIMs. This removes the need to download and store large volumes of data when adding profiles, and lets IoT devices add subscriptions even when using non-eUICC SIMs.

Subscription containers make it easy to add multiple profiles on demand, over the air, even when IP data bearers are unavailable. To take advantage of this new capability, Soracom has also released two new data plans, planX1 and planP1, that offer improved pricing for devices operating in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan.

“Every successful IoT project begins with a belief in what’s possible when you can connect a device to the cloud from anywhere in the world,” said Soracom Co-Founder and CTO Kenta Yasukawa. “Soracom Air Subscription Containers give IoT developers the benefits of over-the-air subscription management in a future-proof format open to non-eUICC SIMs.”



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