SORACOM extends IoT communication platform to support power-saving wide area LoRaWAN™ technology Compatible devices available for purchase beginning February 7

SORACOM,INC (Headquarters: Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, CEO Ken Tamagawa,; hereafter: SORACOM) has added LPWA (Low Power Wide Area ) support to the SORACOM IoT communication platform. Data communications for IoT “SORACOM Air” will now be able to handle “LoRaWAN™” in addition to the 3G/LTE cellular connectivity already provided. In addition, we will offer a SORACOM compatible LoRa gateway (equivalent to base station in LoRaWAN) and LoRa device for purchase on the SORACOM user console beginning February 7, 2017.

“LoRaWAN” technology is attracting a great deal of attention for IoT/M2M communication because it can cover a wide area while saving power with a low data transfer rate. In addition, its specifications are globally developed and released, and standardization is being promoted. Soracom began selling a demonstration experiment kit using “LoRaWAN” from July 13, 2016 through a capital and business alliance with M2B Communications Co., Ltd. to provide companies that are considering new services and product development using “LoRaWAN”.

Beginning today, customers can use “SORACOM Air for LoRaWAN” at the user console / API provided by “SORACOM.” In “SORACOM Air for LoRaWAN”, customers can purchase LoRa gateways and devices using the SORACOM console and set up a private network. Because the gateway includes cellular communication, you can install a gateway anywhere within the cellular communication area.

In addition, LoRa gateway and LoRa device can be managed and collectively operated using the SORACOM user console and API.

In addition, we will announce new usage fee structure of “SORACOM Air for LoRaWAN”.

Today SORACOM is also releasing the LoRa Arduino development shield (Abit: AL – 050) which can be developed with Arduino as a SORACOM compatible gateway as an indoor gateway (Abit: AL – 020) and SORACOM compatible device. From here, SORACOM will expand the range of SORACOM-compliant LoRa gateways and LoRa devices available for purchase through the SORACOM user console by collaborating with partners.

LoRaWAN support also includes the SORACOM application service group provided on the “SORACOM” platform. The data obtained by the LoRa device is sent to the “SORACOM” platform via the “SORACOM LoRa network server” on the cloud via the LoRa gateway. Customers can quickly build advanced systems including secure data transfer and rapid cloud cooperation using the “SORACOM Beam” data transfer support service and the “SORACOM Funnel” cloud resource adapter..

SORACOM Harvest, a data collection and storage service, is now also compatible with SORACOM Air for LoRaWAN. You can easily collect and visualize data from LoRa devices without building a server.

SORACOM is working to achieve vision of “a society that connects humans and things all over the world and resonates” by lowering the barriers to IoT/M2M development and making it possible for anyone to connect easily and securely, almost anywhere. Continue to contribute to the creation of many IoT utilization examples through “SORACOM” platform.


■ About LoRaWAN compatibility of “SORACOM” platform

1. Availability date
February 7, 2017
– LoRa gateway, ordering of devices is possible from February 7, sequentially from March (scheduled)

2. Characteristic

  • No need to build LoRa network server
  • Sorach compatible LoRa gateway, devices can be procured in units of 1
  • Cellular and LoRaWAN managed on “SORACOM” platform
  • Two air types “cellular” and “LoRaWAN” are added to “SORACOM Air”
  • Secure and quickly collaborate with existing systems and cloud using SORACOM service
  • Available services SORACOM Beam / SORACOM Funnel / SORACOM Harvest


Image of LoRaWAN System Utilizing the "SORACOM" Platform


SORACOM user console: administration menu


< SORACOM user console: LoRa device management menu

3. Price system of “SORACOM Air for LoRaWAN”

· LoRa gateway (owned model) usage charge:

  • Monthly 39,800 yen / per gateway
  • Use of the same operator after the second one is ¥ 29,800 per month / per gateway
  • Monthly usage fee includes the following
  • Gateway’s cellular communication fee (full amount)
  • “SORACOM Air for LoRaWAN” usage fee (full amount)
  • “SORACOM” application service usage fee (fixed number of times * 3)
  • SORACOM Beam / Funnel / Harvest

* 1: As a form of offering LoRa gateway, there are owned models owned by customers and shared service models provided by SORACOM as service models. Shared service model is LoRa gateway communication fee: 9,980 yen per month / per gateway

* 2: Discount is set for use of the second operator owned by the same operator, and 29,800 yen / month per gateway / gateway

* 3: Includes SORACOM service usage fee equal to gateway usage fee Device / gate
Depends on number of towers and communication frequency

Monthly communication cost per use case

4. SORACOM compatible LoRa gateway · LoRa device sales

· How to sell
Sold at SORACOM user console / order screen

· SORACOM compliant LoRa gateway · device
As of February 7, we will sell one type of gateway and one LoRa device (a set of LoRa device and Aruduino shield). In the future, we will expand SORACOM compatible LoRa gateway and SORACOM compatible LoRa device sold by SORACOM user consoles with partners.

Gateway: 1 unit 69,800 yen
LoRa device: List price 7,980 yen

Initial campaign price 1 unit 4,980 yen
(Limited number, accepted on first come first served basis)


5. Web site.

Service details · Pricing system: (in Japanese)

Introduction of endorsement for “SORACOM” platform LoRaWAN compliant

■ Kyushu Communication Network Co., Ltd.

Kyushu Telecommunication Network Co., Ltd. welcomes LoRaWAN compatibility of Sorakom’s “SORACOM”this time.
We are promoting various initiatives in IoT field such as field test of bridge infrastructure monitoring in Kyushu. In the field test of bridge infrastructure monitoring, we were able to demonstrate that we can cover a range of up to 7 km from bridges as a starting point, by conducting basic experiments to collect multiple bridge data collectively by LoRaWAN.
With LoRaWAN, which is long-distance wireless communication and power saving, it is possible to realize a more efficient monitoring system by eliminating the need for power supply and wiring of sensors attached to bridges and the like.
We are looking forward to solving the problem by IoT by expanding the place of further utilization by LoRaWAN correspondence of “SORACOM” this time.

Mr. Masaki Matsuzaki, Executive Officer, Kyushu Telecommunications Network Co., Ltd.

■ Farm note Inc.

I’d like to welcome LoRaWAN compliance for this time’s “SORACOM” platform.
Farm note Inc. aims to realize “Internet of Animals”, cattle wearable device “Farmnote Color” connects all cattle to the Internet, gathers activity information in real time, detects the state of cattle with artificial intelligence We will realize optimal livestock management with.
LoRaWAN thinks it is an effective technique for transmitting sensing data in a wide ranch, and already carried out a demonstration experiment of LoRaWAN in pastureland of Obihiro. We have confirmed that the sensing information of the cow individual can be acquired by the gateway installed in the barn and the LoRa device developed in-house. The LoRa gateway is capable of wide area data communication and expects to share dual use in other areas throughout the region including agriculture.
We will continue to promote the development of products and services to realize “brains of agriculture in the world” using new technologies such as LoRaWAN.

Mr. Shinya Kobayashi, Director of Firm Note Corporation

SORACOM is the market-leading platform for cloud-native IoT connectivity. We provide customers and partners across industries with the tools they need to connect, protect, control and coordinate their IoT deployments at speed and at scale. More than 4,000 customers worldwide now use SORACOM solutions to bring their most advanced use cases from concept to market.

Company Outline
Company Name: SORACOM, INC.
CEO: Ken Tamagawa
Headquarters: Oshima Bldg. 3F, Tamagawa 4-5-6,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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