Soracom Canal Adds Support For Inter-Region AWS Peering

Private networking service designed for IoT now allows connection to any AWS region supporting inter-region VPC peering

March 14th, 2018 – Menlo Park, CA – Soracom, Inc., provider of the leading cloud-native platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the the SORACOM Canal private networking service has been enhanced to support inter-region VPC peering connections in all public regions except Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local) and Asia Pacific (Seoul).

The SORACOM platform for IoT applications provides over-the-air connectivity to cloud services featuring flexible, pay-as-you-grow pricing. The SORACOM Canal private networking service connects customers’ Amazon Web Services virtual private cloud (VPC) environments directly to the SORACOM platform, enhancing IoT security by keeping device data off the public Internet.

SORACOM Canal addresses critical IoT security concerns by ensuring that devices will never be exposed to the Internet. This is possible because the SORACOM network core is built on top of AWS, allowing secure connection between IoT devices and AWS VPCs without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a dedicated line like MPLS.

Until today, Soracom Canal was only configured in the eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) region (or the ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) region for users in Japan). With today’s release, devices connected using SORACOM Air SIMs can privately connect to all AWS regions supporting inter-region VPC peering.

This means that, for example, customers who operate servers in the Tokyo region can use closed-area connections with VPCs in the Tokyo region from devices deployed around the world, while customers with servers in the Oregon region can connect directly without sending traffic through Frankfurt.

About Soracom
Soracom is the market-leading platform for cloud-native IoT connectivity. We provide customers and partners across industries with the tools they need to connect, protect, control and coordinate their IoT deployments at speed and at scale. Launched as a venture-backed company in 2015, Soracom was acquired by mobile operator KDDI in August, 2017, greatly expanding the company’s resources for global expansion. More information is available at Soracom’s web site and the Soracom blog.

Company Outline
Company Name: SORACOM, INC.
CEO: Ken Tamagawa
Headquarters: Oshima Bldg. 3F, Tamagawa 4-5-6, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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