IoT for Supply Chain

Improving the winery supply chain - ISTMOS


Controlling environmental wine conditions throughout the supply chain

ISTMOS monitors environmental conditions during storage and transport of wine and in all storage stages, from wineries, distributors, and retailers to liquor stores and restaurants. ISTMOS ensures better control of the wine distribution process, informs about problems during storage and transportation, and assists in avoiding negative consequences of improper storage by indicating trouble spots. ISTMOS monitors critical parameters like temperature, humidity and luminosity and creates alerts when conditions violate a set of rules. The rules for optimal wine storage are regularly provided through a tight collaboration with domain experts and optimized with the support of Big Data Analysis and AI. The Decision Support System is highly customizable and can be adapted to several wine types.


Establishing a secure quality assurance system across the complete supply chain

For best performance, the ISTMOS quality assurance system should be adopted by every stakeholder across the complete supply chain. Often, these stakeholders span across different countries, or even continents. Since ISTMOS monitors conditions and records item location across the entire product route, from the original winery to the end consumer, an affordable and secure wireless network system that operates reliably everywhere is mission-critical.


ISTMOS - IoT for Supply Chain

  • ISTMOS IoT gateways are connected to the SORACOM platform and authenticated via SORACOM Air SIM.
  • IoT data is securely transmitted to the ISTMOS platform via the Beam service.


Real-time management of SIM cards

Secure communication with devices

For ISTMOS, data security and reliability are critical. With SORACOM Air and Beam they can manage SIM cards on the fly and deliver data from anywhere.

SORACOM Air provides the opportunity to easily connect and control new devices. SORACOM Beam enables transmit data with the utmost security and keep all necessary data at our clients’ disposal, like geographic location, unique IDs, timestamps and more.


Use more of SORACOM services

As a start-up, Itsmos is continuously working to both improve existing systems and add new capabilities. Since exploring SORACOM’s services, they’ve discovered many potential applications and possible adaptations.

Under this spirit and as ISTMOS evolves, they plan to test and use most of the SORACOM services – especially Endorse, Funnel and Gate – and incorporate these capabilities within their solution.