Monitoring events in real time with IoT technology

Sharp uses IoT technology to remotely monitor events in real time


Sumokoco enables real-time event management with IoT technology

“Sumokoco” is an application created by Sharp that displays the position of an object on a map in real time. They accomplish this by installing SORACOM AIR SIM cards into smartphones which transmit the location information to the cloud.

Sharp also uses SORACOM Air SIM cards to track event operations as well. This allows them to remotely track and monitor the location and status of cars, motorbikes, individuals and more in real time during events.


Events are often seasonal, sometimes occurring once or twice a year. As a result, it’s crucial that Sharp had an IoT cellular connectivity supplier that could provide price flexibility for the off-peak months when little to no events were happening.


Sharp found Soracom to be the perfect partner for their IoT event management project, Sumokoco, as they provided a cost-effective solution with reliable data transmission speeds. Plus, as Soracom relies on cellular connectivity, the network infrastructure already existed, further reducing the costs of implementation.


Soracom enabled Sharp to effectively perform data communication only when they needed to, which was often at the time of development or during the period of holding an event. When the data communication was no longer required, it was stopped so that it wouldn’t generate unnecessary data charges.

With this, Sharp was able to reduce communication costs and better manage their usage.



In the future, Sharp expects to reduce the battery consumption that MQTT and HTPP has on their Sumokoco terminal. They plan on achieving this by using SORACOM Beam to ensure encryption is no longer on the terminal side, saving valuable battery life.