IoT for dogs and pets

Improving dog's lives using IoT with Anaxeos


Empowering our shared life with dogs

You think you know your dog? Anaxeos, a Finnish company, has a bold plan to improve the lives of 1 million dogs by 2023 and make a whole new dimension visible for people and their canine companions.

The Anaxeos team believes that digitization, data science, IoT and AI can not only serve human beings, but also enhance our dogs’ well-being and increase the quality of our relationships with them.

The recent explosion of pet wearable tech such as activity sensors, GPS trackers and a variety of pet-to-human translation devices is pushing the IoT innovators to map the value of the various connectivity solutions. The purpose of Anaxeos is to serve clients and their furry friends around the world using secure, scalable and seamless connectivity. For this purpose cellular is a well-suited connectivity solution.

The owner of the brand Anaxeos is a Finnish hi-tech company called Sense Of Intelligence Ltd, which specializes in wearable technology designed to enhance dogs’ well-being. In 2017, Anaxeos was recognized as the Best IoT Startup in Finland and nominated as one of the Best IoT Startups in the Nordic region.


When designing an intelligent wearable for dogs, one of the biggest challenges is physical placement. Communicating with the animal takes time and requires patience. The product must be designed from the beginning to be comfortable, durable, water resistant and stylish.

When IoT and mobility are added to the equation, challenges related to secure data exchange become critical and require a tight partnership with connectivity solution providers.


The Anaxeos solution combines multi-sensory data from the animal with cloud-based AI/Machine learning to provide users with real time information, assistance and recommendations to improve the animal’s wellbeing.

Interaction with the service is conducted through a conversational interface and bot-technology. Cellular connectivity and Soracom eSIM capability are being used to collect and visualize data.

Data collected:

  • Activity tracker: Set and monitor daily goals for activity to see that your dog gets the right amount of regular exercise.
  • Heart-rate monitor: See near real-time heart-rate data on demand, and monitor progress over longer periods of time.
  • GPS location: See your dog on the map, whether you’re on a jog together or he’s on the run.

We want to serve and give our customers the best. SORACOM allows us that. By providing the capability to conquer the whole world with real-time management SIM cards. Soracom thinks in the same startup way as we do. Their values and vision are right. Furthermore, Soracom’s staff is just a great gang to work with!

Toni Koutu CEO