mobileObjects AG

Asset tracking that fits your fleet

The Opportunity

An increasingly mobile world reliant on shipping

The European road freight market is expected to reach a value of roughly €340 billion in 2021, driven by consistent year-on-year growth since 2012. Even with the pandemic keeping many drivers off the road, fleet-heavy sectors like trucking and utilities infrastructures have proven more essential than ever to the modern way of life.

All that growth has also attracted the wrong kind of attention. In-transit cargo theft remains a large risk for international shipping companies. As of 2018, the average cost of a cargo theft event was over $186,000 USD, making the security of every vehicle in a shipping fleet of the utmost importance.

Fortunately, IoT-based asset tracking technologies now let fleet owners monitor every vehicle in their fleet at all times. These new capabilities help them both ensure timely deliveries and, should the worst happen, retrieve stolen property more easily.

 “Our customers expect flexible contracts without any long term commitments, and Soracom’s pay-as-you-go pricing helps us fulfill that need.” 

Kurt Denk CEO, mobileObjects AG

The Solution

GPS and GSM trackers tailored to fleet-specific needs

This is where telematics provider MobileObjects AG comes in. An all-in-one fleet management solution, mobileObjects AG’s GPS and asset tracking services are designed to fit the specific needs of their customers. These customizable solutions let users see where every vehicle, trailer, or device in their fleet is at all times thanks to battery-operated GPS trackers powered by GSM technologies. 

The trackers work on mobileObjects AG’s centrally operated SaaS solution, mOTelematix, which can operate either as a black box device or a mobile phone-based tracker. These devices come in standard and outdoor varieties to better address clients’ specific needs, and are light enough to be utilized in virtually any vehicle, construction trough, or shipping container.

Boasting an innate battery that can last up to 5 years, these low profile trackers are non-invasive and easily installed with an included magnetic mount. The simplicity of installation and long battery life makes the devices an ideal solution for virtually any scenario – from monitoring shipping containers to tracking assets to recovering a stolen vehicle.

Data from these devices is funneled to a central platform accessed via a web or mobile app that allows users to pinpoint each tracker’s location, speed, and route in real time. The trackers are tamper-proof and can be customized to send email notifications based on specific events, such as travel milestones, unexpected course changes and more.

Why Soracom

Flexible pricing, administration and reporting

A key tenet of the mobileObjects AG ethos is customizing solutions for each customer. It makes sense, then, that they would partner with Soracom for their connectivity needs. Soracom’s global connectivity solutions offer mobileObjects AG users a consistent connection even as vehicles and assets cross national borders, and Soracom’s pay-as-you-go pricing lets mobileObjects AG tailor solutions to its customers’ needs.

“Having reliable coverage across Europe and powerful administration and reporting tools helps us serve our customers,” said Kurt Denk, CEO of mobileObjects AG. “Our customers expect flexible contracts without any long term commitments, and Soracom’s pay-as-you-go pricing helps us fulfill that need.” 

Because Soracom Air provides connectivity in over 150 countries globally through bearer standards ranging from 2G to 4G, mOTelematix trackers are able to seamlessly connect to cellular networks in their country of origin, but also in the countries they travel across during their journey. This is further simplified by Soracom’s multi operator support in several territories as well as single APN that works around the world.

MobileObjects AG also uses the Soracom Console for it’s powerful administration and reporting tools.

The Outcome

20 Years of Telematics

In 2021, mobileObjects AG celebrated its 20 year anniversary and they show no signs of slowing down. The company primarily operates out of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, though expansion may be on the horizon.

“We expect to grow our customer base significantly over the next 24 months,” said Denk. “So the global support Soracom offers will be welcome in the future.”