Conversations in Connectivity Podcast – Episode 5: How IoT Connectivity is Shaping Digital Signage Experiences

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Welcome back to Conversations in Connectivity, our IoT podcast that hopes to illuminate some of the ways that smart devices and technologies are powering the modern world by speaking with the people who are making it happen.

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In This Episode – Digital Signage with Sheldon Downey

This week we’re diving deep into a niche industry that has started to become reliant on connectivity to keep its content fresh, relevant, and up-to-date consistently across hundreds of thousands of devices – digital signage. 

To do this, we spoke with Sheldon Downey from InstoreScreen. He’s an expert on applying high-tech digital signage in the advertising space to create unique retail shopping experiences.

Sheldon shares several stories to help paint a picture of where connected systems are going. Among other things, we cover how the physical and digital worlds are coming together in what’s called “an endless aisle experience” and what that means for us as consumers. We also spend a fair amount of time discussing the operational challenges that deployment teams face, the hurdles challenging IT, and the role that real estate teams play in putting more digital signage into retail locations. 

Other interesting topics include:

  • How the best solutions in digital signage are not necessarily technological – they are instead the people and playbooks for being successful. How do you go to market with the technology in the store, and who manages it? How is it handled? What are the new business methodologies that will be required to be successful?
  • That one of the biggest challenges to a successful deployment is implementation. Data proves digital signage increases retail sales, yet operational concerns can hobble deployments before they get off the ground.
  • Why the industry is focused on making digital signage simple enough that marketing people and store personnel can roll out changes and set up displays, leading to lower-cost companies that can deploy the technology.
  • The need to plan ahead for digital retail experiences and signage and what goes into the total cost of ownership equations.

This conversation is sure to be illuminating to anyone curious about launching digital signage solutions in the coming years. listen on to find out more.

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