How an Engineer Reduces Data Costs – CiC Episode 12

How an Engineer Reduces Data Costs – CiC Episode 12

Welcome to Conversations in Connectivity! I’m your host, Ryan Carlson. This a podcast for IoT professionals and the IoT curious who find themselves responsible for growing, executing, or educating others about what to expect when you’re connecting products and services to the internet.

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In This Episode – Tactics for Reducing Cellular Data Costs

Today we’re talking about how cellular IoT projects can reduce their data costs. Whether that means designing backend infrastructure or controlling the size of your data transmissions, we’ll look at some of the ways to better control the total cost of ownership of your deployment.

To do that, we’re joined by Steve Hardy, a Customer Reliability Engineer at Soracom who spends every day working through support tickets submitted by customers. Most of these requests are from customers deploying and supporting their fleets of IoT devices, and Steve has agreed to share his experience. 

From helping configure an APN to troubleshooting modem commands, the reality is that the best-laid plans rarely survive contact with the real world.

Stay tuned as we dig into the insights and advice of an engineer that specializes in helping people take ownership of their fleets of cellular devices, eliminate waste, reduce expenses, and streamline their operations.

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