Conversations in Connectivity Podcast – Episode 4: Critical Design Considerations for IoT Devices

Conversations in Connectivity Podcast – Episode 4: Critical Design Considerations for IoT Devices

Welcome back to Conversations in Connectivity, our IoT podcast that hopes to illuminate some of the ways that smart devices and technologies are powering the modern world by speaking with the people who are making it happen.

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In This Episode

We’re looking at the creation of IoT devices. From the design to the system level, connected products represent a new set of technologies and capabilities that – if not properly realized – may end up serving as the weakest link in a product launch.

Our guest is Titu Botos, a Ph.D. in electronics and mobile robotics and CEO of Soracom partner NeuronicWorks, a product design and manufacturing company based in Canada. 

Together, we discuss how connectivity shapes both the challenges and the complexity of the product design process and where the most common gaps in design rear their ugly head. Whether it’s radio compatibility, carrier issues, processor selection, or security, we cover a lot of ground. We even touch on multiple factors and design decisions that can impact battery life for IoT devices required to operate afield for long periods of time without a power source.

This conversation makes for a helpful checklist for anyone who is considering a product idea that they want to bring to market, wonders how complex some of these decisions can be, and wants to understand what the value of having an expert guide alongside them might look like.

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