Soracom IoT Starter Kit Powered by Arduino

The power for anyone to create anything

Get your IoT project live... fast. The Soracom IoT Starter Kit is a single box powered by Arduino and has everything you need to launch your IoT project.

What is the Soracom IoT Starter Kit?

Your complete IoT starter kit

An all-in-one package

An all-in-one package

Develop risk-free with industry-trusted hardware and SIM connectivity that’s easy to set up, and simple to develop with.

Limitless possibilities

Limitless possibilities

With a wide variety of hardware capabilities and sensors, there’s no limit to the IoT projects you can build.

Connect anywhere

Connect anywhere

Global IoT connectivity from Soracom makes launching your project on 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and Cat-M1 networks around the world quick, easy and reliable.

What's in the box?

Arduino MKR NB 1500 / GSM 1400

A popular IoT microcontroller board with a built-in cellular modem, designed to get your project online worldwide, quickly.

Both the NB 1500 and GSM 1400 boards provide the same core functionality, with the 1500 supporting cellular connectivity on Cat-M1 networks, and the 1400 supporting 2G/3G connectivity.

Soracom IoT SIM Card

Inc. $20 FREE Credit

One SIM card gives you global connectivity on 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, and Cat-M1 networks in more than 140 countries. Includes multi-carrier support, full SIM management capabilities right from your browser, and additional IoT services to supercharge your project.

Dipole Antenna

A durable antenna that attaches directly to the Arduino board. Support 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE bands with U.FL connector.

Grove Sensors Essential Kit

Seven different sensors for your IoT project with cloud-ready libraries and sample code. Includes a button, buzzer, GPS module, temperature sensor, and magnetic switch.

Soracom x Arduino IoT Starter Kit - Contents

Which IoT starter kit will you choose?

IoT Starter Kit - 1

LTE-M IoT Starter Kit

  • Arduino MKR NB 1500
  • Dipole Antenna
  • Grove Carrier Board
  • Grove Sensors
  • Soracom IoT SIM Card
  • $20 Connectivity Credit

Connects via: LTE-M (Cat-M1). Ideal for projects with low bandwidth requirements, while taking advantage of the latest network technologies. More info

In stock
Product code: 4573326591706
IoT Starter Kit - 2

2G/3G IoT Starter Kit

  • Arduino MKR GSM 1400
  • Dipole Antenna
  • Grove Carrier Board
  • Grove Sensors
  • Soracom IoT SIM Card
  • $20 Connectivity Credit

Connects via: 2G/3G. Great for general-purpose prototyping, with reliable coverage on multiple networks worldwide.

Out of stock
Product code: 4573326591713
Available Feb '21

Limitless IoT Possibilities

What will you build?

Often the biggest barrier to getting your IoT project up and running is knowing what kit you need.

That’s why we created the Soracom IoT Starter Kit (powered by Arduino). This is your complete toolkit for getting your IoT project live and in the cloud.

Need ideas for your project? Read our blog 4 simple IoT projects you can build – including:

  • Universal Alarm System
  • The Ultimate Button
  • Environment Monitor
  • Asset Tracker

Read the blog

Get your IoT Project live... fast

Resources for IoT developers

Get Started Guide

Learn how to set up your IoT Starter Kit from scratch, with our easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Soracom Blog

Discover ideas for various different projects you can build with our IoT starter kit on the Soracom blog.

Developer Docs

Discover full documentation for the entire range of services that will be at your fingertips in your Soracom user console.

Control your data

A world-class IoT console that’s totally free to use

Every IoT project needs a way to manage network connectivity and device data. Soracom’s User Console lets you do both from the comfort of your browser, giving you the power to monitor your SIMs, visualize device data, configure advanced networking, and more – all without writing any code.

Learn more about the Soracom User Console in our short webinar.

An introduction to the Soracom IoT dashboard
An introduction to the Soracom User Console
Watch video overview
IoT Starter Kit - 1
IoT Starter Kit - 2
IoT Starter Kit - 3

Ready to Build your IoT Project?

Order the Soracom IoT Starter Kit (powered by Arduino) now, and transform your IoT project from being just a good idea to a real-life working prototype.

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Common Questions

Each of the Starter Kits includes:

– Either an Arduino MKR NB 1500; or Arduino MKR GSM 1400
– A dipole antenna
– Soracom IoT SIM Card
– $20 of connectivity credit
– Arduino MRK Connector Carrier
– Grove Sensor Kit with 7 sensors