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Soracom Air: IoT & M2M Devices Connectivity Management Platform
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SORACOM Air SIM card (plan01s) 1 SIM pack

$5.00 USD



Soracom Air provides worldwide, commitment-free mobile data service designed for IoT and M2M with coverage in 130 countries. The IoT and M2M SIM card provides an easy-to-use, secure connectivity platform to 2G/3G/LTE/Cat-M1 data with flexible pay-as-you-go rates. Also available at


Cellular data plans for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and Cat M1 with coverage in 130 countries

True pay-as-you-go pricing; pay only for the data being used

Easy network control and management with the Soracom Console and API

Technical Capabilities

  • Data Usage Monitoring

Data usage for every IoT and M2M SIM card is charted in the user console and always available via API

    • Custom DNS

Use your own DNS servers to control access, switch access points, or program trigger-based DNS changes with the API

    • SIM Local Info

The Soracom SIM card applet can pull device location, remaining charge, and more

    • Metadata Service

View, update, or even change device connection information over HTTP. No SDK or credentials required

    • IMEI Lock

Lock SIMs to specific devices to prevent tampering

    • SMS Communications

Send SMS messages to devices, between devices, or from devices to your servers and clouds

    • CHAP Authentication

Protect connections with a username and password

    • USSD

Reduce data cost by using USSD for small data payloads


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