IoT & M2M Cellular Connectivity

Connect your IoT & M2M devices with Soracom IoT SIM cards and IoT connectivity platform globally.

Get connected with SORACOM Air

Soracom’s global IoT SIM connects your devices to the SORACOM Air IoT connectivity platform.

You’ll get immediate access to our full suite of IoT connectivity services, with a full-featured user console and API for complete control of every connection.

Connect to 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and Cat M1 data in over 120 countries. LoraWan and Sigfox are available as well.

Get control with the console and API

Even a single active SIM gets you full access to the User Console and API for complete, programmable control over your IoT network.

Monitor and manage the state of every connection, view active/inactive status, check data usage, adjust speed or even pause/restart or terminate any connection at any time

API documentation is updated frequently and always available on the Soracom Developer Site.

Sync directly with your AWS backend

The Soracom network is built in software on AWS, so it’s ready to scale with you and offers a wide range of options for private networking and cloud integration.

Use SORACOM Funnel to connect directly or SORACOM Beam to optimize device data for power and bandwidth savings.

Add advanced capabilities based on your IoT project needs

Validate in-field performance

Get up and running fast with simple, serverless data collection and basic visualization of time-series or GPS data. SORACOM Harvest lets you collect and chart device data on demand. Before you spin up your full cloud. (Yes, we’ll store it for you too.)

Or use SORACOM Lagoon to build and share complete IoT dashboards.

Optimize IoT data and power use

Control device management overhead and cost of connectivity with SORACOM Beam.

Manage credentials, SDKs, and data destinations on the fly for any or every device while reducing total data and power usage with cloud-side encryption.

Manage, Provision, and Authenticate Devices

Monitor, manage and control devices and update firmware remotely with SORACOM Inventory.

Get keyless remote device provisioning and hardware authentication with SORACOM Krypton and SORACOM Endorse.

Manage networks and security

Security matters, but in IoT one size does not fit all. Soracom has you covered from private networking down to the individual data packet.

SORACOM Junction offers packet inspection, mirroring and redirection for IoT for traffic flow management, intrusion detection, and more.

SORACOM Gate creates a private, two-way IoT LAN to connect your devices securely to your cloud and to each other.

Soracom also offers a variety of specialized private connection services to support specific security needs, including AWS Virtual Private Cloud peering and even leased-line connections if needed.

• SORACOM Canal – private connection to your AWS VPC
• SORACOM Direct – direct leased-line connection

One platform, many capabilities

Accessories we like

Visit the reference hardware page for a selection of 3G/LTE dongles, sensors, and Starter Kits. We know there are a lot of options out there. These are the ones we use ourselves.