Soracom Pricing

Pay only for what you use. No contracts or commitments. Pool data across SIMs.

Soracom Pricing for IoT that works

From one SIM to thousands, our pricing scales with your needs

Pay as you go

Easy to understand pricing with no contracts, commitments, or non-disclosure agreements.

Save as you grow

Grow from 1 to 100k SIMs seamlessly, and save money as your volume grows.

Single global SIM

Get the best rate per country across 120 countries.

We chose Soracom because of their pricing. Not only can you get started with minimal up-front investment, the data is metered based on actual use. This greatly lowered the barrier to offer a scalable solution. With Soracom’s User Console, you can manage SIM cards on the web to start/stop communication for each device, which has also helped us manage costs.

Shinya Kobayashi Director, Farmnote

Pricing Features

Making it easy for you to get started, then scale

  • No Contracts: No minimum commitments or penalties
  • Pay as you go: Only pay for the data you use
  • Data Pooling: Aggregate data usage across your SIMs

By the numbers

Soracom pricing starts as low as...


Purchase SIMs direct from Soracom and get connected quickly.

1.3 cents*/day

Just over a penny a day gets you started with cellular connections to all your devices.

7.3 cents**/MB

Pricing is aggregated over your devices – pool usage for savings and simplicity.

For larger volumes, contact us for even lower custom pricing.
* For low data volume customers. For higher volumes, prices start at $0.06.
** For US and Canada. Major European countries start at $0.08. Asian countries start at $0.10.

Common Use Cases and Pricing Examples

GEO Tracking

$3 / Month

24 bytes per reading

per minute

Monitor Environment

$3 / Month

100 bytes per reading

per hour

Image Recognition

$7 / Month

100KB per image

1 image upload per hour

Have a question about pricing?

Please let us know. One SIM or thousands, we’re here to help.