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Renewable energy solution - Omniflow


Is renewable energy limited to power distribution?

OMNIFLOW is a smart energy start-up headquartered in Porto, Portugal. Its main product, OMNILED, debuted in 2015 and offers an autonomous wind/solar energy platform for both urban and remote areas. At a high level, OMNIFLOW aims to:

  • Democratize utility infrastructure
  • Act as an energy solution with storage capability
  • Provide an out-of-the-box autonomous system
  • Deliver remote web-based monitoring and control

Each of the following applications were selected to be as lean as possible with respect to power consumption, ensuring high overall system performance:

  • Smart lighting
  • Public Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Small cells base stations
  • USB charging station
  • Video analytics:
    • Surveillance
    • Smart parking
    • Location analytics (traffic, pedestrian counts for operational and marketing analytics)
  • Web based monitor and control

OMNIFLOW has created a web based remote monitoring and control platform that allows users to not only monitor the system’s performance but also to control each application independently.


Overall cost-effective communication solution

OMNIFLOW’s OMNILED system has been installed in over 10 different countries to date, and their global footprint is growing quickly. Each individual unit has communication capabilities for real-time monitoring. Seeking a general solution to manage any or every unit was part of OMNIFLOW’s development roadmap.

OMNIFLOW has created the hardware and corresponding monitor and control platform that handles communications between each OMNILED and the cloud infrastructure. However, the complexity of ensuring a secured connection while managing the current growing data needs led them to search for a long term, sustainable, M2M-oriented global network partner.


Omniflow Solution

SORACOM created a disruptive solution that is fit for companies like OMNIFLOW making IoT applications at fair price possible, adding value to their product in a completely integrated and seamless way.


Real-time management of SIM cards

Secure communication with devices

Cost-competitive worldwide solution

OMNIFLOW had been looking for a communication solution but were not able to identify a cost-competitive alternative that would allow them a low-data volume communication platform at a fair price. However, with SORACOM they were able to save costs from day one, allowing them to make OMNILED even more cost-competitive for their customers.



Integrate with Soracom APIs, Harvest and Canal

OMNILED is gaining attention in more and more countries hence making reliability a top priority for OMNIFLOW. It is important to continue to improve their operational efficiency, including communications.

In the near future, Harvest will allow them to store and quickly look into operational data anytime, anywhere.

And Canal will allow them to easily find a direct connection to AWS, whenever they integrate their storage into AWS.


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