Remote food and plant growth monitoring with IoT technology

KAKAXI uses IoT technology to assist farmers in remote crop monitoring


Kakaxi is an agricultural social network that enables bidirectional communication between producers (farmers) and consumers deployed in North America.


Kakaxi wanted to make lives easier for farmers by empowering them with technology. In turn, this efficiency could result in quicker food and plant growth and better overall quality.

One aspect of farming that hasn’t changed over the years is the crop monitoring and tracking. Without the need to physically examine each crop, farmers could spend their time on other aspects of their farming operations.


Kakaxi invented a solar-powered IoT farm monitoring device that tracks and monitors factors like temperature, humidity, rainfall, plant growth and hours of sunlight.

This Kakaxi device uses a ultra-wide camera to capture and broadcast a time-lapse video of food and plant as they grow, allowing farmers to view their crop progress.

Once the IoT-connected sensors collect the data, it’s uploaded via 3G cellular connectivity to the cloud, where it can be accessed with a smartphone or computer.


Kakaxi found that Soracom IoT cellular connectivity was convenient to manage from the console screen. Particularly, the ability to stop individual SORACOM AIR SIM cards, for example when lost or stolen, was a valuable capability. In addition, Kakaxi was attracted to Soracom’s flexible pricing, which is based on the amount of data that is used.



In the future, Kakaxi plans on expanding their operations around the world, and potentially analyzing and selling the farm data that they acquire.