Finding the Best IoT Hardware for your Project

Finding the Best IoT Hardware for your Project

There’s no denying the impact that IoT hardware like routers, modems and gateways can have on the success of an IoT project.

IoT networking devices need to have the physical durability to withstand harsh environments, the antenna length to provide reliable coverage and the built-in security to protect sensitive data from threats. 

That’s why choosing the right IoT hardware to pair your project with remains one of the most important operational decisions you’ll have to make.

However, with limited availability, IoT projects may be unavailable to invest in the correct IoT hardware components for their use case, forcing them to choose suboptimal gear that may hinder performance and increase costs unnecessarily.

To help facilitate this need, we partnered with Teltonika, a leading European manufacturer and developer of industrial IoT and M2M networking devices, to deliver high-performance hardware to our North American clients.

Teltonika and Soracom Empower North American IoT Projects

With over 21 years of experience, Teltonika understands the needs of IoT projects. Their comprehensive IoT hardware powers successful use cases across a variety of different industries, including vehicle telematics, autonomous monitoring and control, LTE networking, electronics design and manufacturing services.

“Teltonika modems and routers are certified by the leading US mobile operators, verified effective with Soracom IoT connectivity and networking services, and perform beyond their price point in real-world testing,” says Eugene Kawamoto, Soracom Americas CEO. “We are honored to introduce Teltonika hardware to customers across the US and Canada.”

With this strategic partnership, IoT project managers and developers will be able to purchase Teltonika RUT240 and Teltonika RUT950 cellular routers via the Soracom store, Amazon store and via our sales team rather than purchasing from Europe.

Not only does this mean faster shipping, but it also avoids the tariffs that are incurred from international purchases, resulting in a more cost-effective investment for your IoT project.

IoT Hardware Built for your Project

Soracom currently offers two Teltonika routers that are tailor-made for specific IoT use cases, allowing you to invest in the ideal hardware for your project: the Teltonika RUT240 and Teltonika RUT950.

As a 4G/LTE router, the Teltonika RUT240 can support data transfers speeds as high as 150 mbps; covering the vast majority of IoT project data requirements. With two ethernet and wireless interfaces featuring hotspot functionality – along with WAN failover – this compact cellular router provides project managers with unprecedented operational flexibility.

In addition, for industrial applications that can rely on WiFi as a backup, the Teltonika RUT240 4G/LTE cellular router features WAN failover, enabling the device to automatically switch to the backup WiFi connection if the cellular connectivity fails.

To learn more about the Teltonika RUT240, check out our in-depth product video review.

For an even sturdier cellular router, the Teltonika RUT950 can withstand temperatures that range from -40 C to 75 C. This ruggedized IoT cellular router features industrial-grade networking functionality support, 4 Ethernet ports fitted with VLAN functionality and dual SIM and WAN failover, perfect for use cases that are in close proximity to a backup WIFI connection such as ATMs.

To learn more about this industrial IoT hardware, read our article on how to choose the right IoT cellular router for your project.

Helping IoT Projects Succeed at Scale

From our cost-effective pricing to our easy-to-use services, we are continuing to invest in comprehensive support and resources that IoT projects need to thrive in any market.

This new partnership with Teltonika allows us to supply IoT projects across Canada and the US with elite IoT hardware that can provide their business incredible value. We help IoT projects scale with reliable cellular connectivity and intuitive cloud-hosted services, allowing them to focus on invention and innovation, not troubleshooting and maintenance.

Contact us today to learn the value of intelligent Soracom cellular connectivity.