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Soracom partners with Classmethod to offer IoT services in Canada


In November 2016, Soracom announced initial availability in the United States and was accepted by both large enterprises and startup communities for various IoT projects. Since then, we have expanded our Soracom Partner Space (SPS) to US partners introduced globally available IoT connectivity plans to further extend our US IoT ecosystem in the United States.

However, to use these services customers needed to reside in the United States and use US-issued credit cards. Since we know there’s a lot happeninig in IoT in Canada as well, we worked with our Vancouver-based integration partner Classmethod to ensure that we can serve Canadian developers as well as developers here in the States.


Today, we are happy to announce that Soracom has signed a reseller agreement with Classmethod Canada, Inc.

Classmethod Canada, Inc.

This agreement enables Classmethod to resell SORACOM Platform services and provide SORACOM Air SIMs to Canadian customers.

Customers in Canada are now able to use Canadian addresses to open SORACOM accounts and receive invoices from Classmethod on behalf of Soracom. Initially, billing will be invoice-based, but we look forward to adding credit card service in early 2018.



As Canada’s leading automotive aftermarket retailer, PartsAvatar is always exploring opportunities to advance the state of the art for fulfillment and service.
IoT and Cloud technologies are already transforming the automotive industry, and as we continue to develop our own capabilities, Soracom’s cloud-native platform looks like a natural fit.
Affordable connectivity is the right start. Add the ability to share data directly between devices and the cloud without impacting memory and battery life and things get really interesting.
We’re glad to hear that Soracom is officially available in Canada and we look forward to working together to create state-of-the-art experiences that make life better for our customers.

Sherdeep Singh, CEO
Abhay Ghatpande, Product Lead

Braingrid Corporation

Braingrid Braingrid Corporation is happy to know that Soracom IoT connectivity is now generally available to customers in Canada.
Braingrid provides an affordable, versatile and quick-to-install sensor platform that captures the critical real-time data needed for remote agricultural monitoring and cloud analytics.
For us, reliable over-the-air connectivity is an absolute necessity, and we know SORACOM Air offers that. General availability in Canada gives our team the opportunity to fully apply Soracom’s cloud services for more efficient throughput of yield-critical data with reduced power consumption.

Michael Kadonoff, Founder & CEO


Slickspaces Slickspaces are very excited to hear about this as we will be using Soracom as part of our IOT strategy in 2018. Our property management solutions integrate best-in-class online management tools with smart keys and locks to make managing rental properties easier and more secure while improving the guest experience. SORACOM Air can give our smart lock solutions the added security of a failover connection to ensure the best possible customer experience at all times.

Mathew Hunter, CTO


Company Profile

Soracom, Inc.
Soracom offers secure, scalable, cloud-native connectivity as a service type solution called SORACOM platform developed and tuned specifically for the Internet of Things(IoT) and Machine to Machine(M2M) communications. SORACOM is available in 100+ countries worldwide trying to connect millions of devices to Cloud.

Classmethod Canada, Inc.
Classmethod Canada, is a cloud integrating company based in Vancouver, Canada. A core competence of Classmethod is building system environments, mobile applications and big data/omnichannel solutions using AWS (Amazon Web Services) products, and improving overall customer productivity. It also provides 24/7 operations support to its clients