IoT startups pitches at Winter Summit
There were over 100 startup pitches from Health, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Mobility and Internet of Things at Winter Summit 2016 @ Plug and Play Tech Center.

I have featured 30 pitches from the Mobility and Internet of Things sessions. Enjoy the latest technologies from Silicon Valley Startups.

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Winter Summit 2016 — Session 4: Mobility

#1: Caruma

A vision-based connected car platform that uses the underlying technology found in autonomous driving vehicles to improve safety and security.

Chris Carson presenting Caruma Solution at Winter Summit 2016
The Founder and CEO, Chris Carson presented their “Artificial Intelligence Vision Technology” providing “ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance System” and “DMS: Driver Monitoring System”.

The device is plug & play and can easily be installed in any vehicle: attaching/mounting the device (“Caruma Cam”) to your car, then connecting with your smart phone via WiFi.

I wonder if it fits on my 8 years old car.

The solution provides features such as Collision Avoidance, Distracted Driver Detection, Fatigue Detection, Theft Detection & Prevention, and Driver Scoring.

We will look to see if they need SORACOM’s secure scale-able connectivity for their final products.


Location API that uses AI to answer questions only a local would know.

Lyden Foust, CEO at presents the smart search APIs
Lyden Foust, CEO at presents the smart search APIs powered by 31 different social data. It can answer questions like, “Where is the vegan restaurant with great sunset views in the city?”.

Pretty cool. I hope this works with voice and integrated to some of the existing app like Google Map, so that I do not have to open up another app.

#3: Bestmile

Fleet management platform to operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Leemor Chandally, Director of Strategic Partnerships, NA at BestMile presents their fleet management solution

Leemor Chandally, Director of Strategic Partnerships, North America at BestMile presents their autonomous vehicle management platform.

Depending on how they communicate the collected data between the vehicle and their cloud servers, SORACOM could be an excellent solution for them.

#4: Swiftly

The advanced public transportation optimization platform.

Jonathan Simkin, co-founder and CEO of Swiftly presents public transportation optimization platform
Jonathan Simkin, co-founder and CEO of Swiftly presents public transportation optimization platform using over billion data points and real-time passenger information.

The traffic jam in the bay area (or any urban area) is brutal during the peak hours. But I still have to drive to work or to home, because the public transportation is either unreliable or not there. They just can’t operate on time. This kind of solution is going to help the public transportation to operate at better efficiency.

From where I am originally from, the public transportation is known to be very reliable. Even though Japan’s urban area is highly condensed, there is always several options (Trains, Bus) to choose from.

#5: Fingertips lab

An IoT device allows you to engage your phone while driving eyes free.

JPK Mishra, CEO at Fingertips Labs presents O6
PK Mishra, CEO at Fingertips Labs presents O6, a controller device attaches to the handle of the car.

I need this. It is very dangerous to navigate conventional apps on the smart phone while driving. The UI is not built for the driving use cases, yet some of the apps are supporting driver’s use cases; adding new route on Google Map etc.

I would love to see how they solve this widely recognized issue. It got to be a voice feedback navigation.

#6: airXsys

Vision-based parking monitoring and management system

Hengyu “Robbie” Hu presenting airXsys Solution at Winter Summit 2016
The Founder and CTO, Hengyu “Robbie” Hu presented their vision-based parking monitoring solution.

It is pretty impressive that a single low-cost off-the-shelf security camera covering up to 200 parking spaces for monitoring. Quite cost effective I assume compare to conventional sensing technology on each parking slots.

It looks like SORACOM would be a well-suited as a gateway for their solution. They are currently working to commercializing their product.

#7: Mozio

Bulding the ultimate urban mobility solution

David Litwak, CEO at Mozio presents Seamless multimodal urban mobility solution
David Litwak, CEO at Mozio presents Seamless multimodal urban mobility solution. Aiming to unify different interfaces for different transportation with over 3,000 transportation partners, integration with all Ubar competitors around the world.

If they succeed, we eventually need just one unified UI to search, purchase, and navigate the series of transportation. I would like to see that.

#8: Relimetrics

Relimetrics makes material reliability and inspections easy, connected and insightful.

Kemal Levi, Founder and CEO f Relimetrics provides a smart imaging solution for material reliability.
Kemal Levi, Founder and CEO of Relimetrics provides a smart imaging solution for material reliability.

The patent-pending image recognition, alignment and correlation technology can apply to extensive use cases across industries. Relimetrics provides mobile, intuitive and low-cost method.

SORACOM connectivity can be utilized for uploading the captured images to their data processing servers, downloading configuration and firmware updates, and communication between servers, apps and edge devices.

#9: StreetInfo Tech

ParkWise: predictive street parking.

Alexander Shvartz, CEO of Street InfoTech provides Park-Wise
Alexander Shvartz, CEO of StreetInfo Tech provides Park-Wise; a predictive street parking application.

The app holds all the information regarding streets and parking rules and regulations, then simply predict users parking related actions using 8 different sensors of your smart phone.

Assuming everyone is running this app in the background of their smart phone (assuming everyone has smart phone), it can predict when and where the user occupied and opened parking spot.

He says it requires a critical mass of 15%, then be able to save 50% of time for a driver who is looking for a parking. Quite a life saver 🙂

#10: MOJIO

Mojio unlocks hidden data from nearly any car.

Kyle MacDonald, Head of Marketing at Mojio presents data analytic service for automotive.
Kyle MacDonald, Head of Marketing at Mojio presents plug-able connected car solution; data analytic service for automotive. Their device collect information such as behavioral, diagnostic and contextual data.

Nearly all car manufactures are working on “connected car” solution. They seems to have a solution for it.

SORACOM can definitely provide better connectivity than their current partners, since our connectivity is global (works 120 countries), carrier agnostics, secure, scale-able and pay-as-you-go.

#11: CloudCar

Re-imagining the driver experience

Magnus Hilding, VP Engineering / Business Development at CloudCar presents yet another connected car solution
Magnus Hilding, VP Engineering / Business Development at CloudCar presents yet another connected car solution. They do not integrate “Apps”, but they integrate “Contents” for better user experience.

#12: HEVO

Wireless charging system allows electric vehicles to simply park and power up.

Christian Okolski, co-founder and CBDO at HEVO provides Wireless charging system for electric vehicles
Christian Okolski, co-founder and CBDO at HEVO provides Wireless charging system for electric vehicles.

This is electric vehicle charging station 2.0!! This is definitely the way all chargers should work. Hopefully this is more reliable, safer and faster than conventional plug-type charger though.

I would imagine the charging station would probably need a connectivity for all sorts of things (i.e. predictive maintenance of the charging station). We would recommend SORACOM for their connectivity need.

#13: splitsecnd

Crash detection and emergency response independent of car make, phone or a carrier.

Edmund (Eddie) Song, VP of Corporate Development at splitsecnd
Edmund (Eddie) Song, VP of Corporate Development at splitsecnd presents vehicle crash detection, emergency response and tracking solution.

The device installation is a snap. Just plug in to 12V outlet (the cigarette lighter) in any car. It also comes with USB charging port 😉

Winter Summit 2016 — Session 5: Internet of Things

#1: Arundo Analytics

Unleash Machine Collaboration for the Industrial Internet.

David Fechter, VP Strategic Partnerships at Arundo Analytics, Inc
David Fechter, VP Strategic Partnerships at Arundo Analytics, Inc., presents Arundo, a B2B SaaS/PaaS software company focused on increasing asset optimization and decreasing maintenance cost in heavy equipment industries.

Through its flagship product, Q Enterprise, Arundo (1) improves access to data that has historically gone untouched; (2) applies machine learning techniques to quickly cleanse and structure data; (3) empowers the efficient sharing of data, either across an organization or with external partners; (4) enables the building, testing and deploying of analytic models and (5) provides the opportunity to catalog and publish applications internally or in an open marketplace.

SORACOM secure connectivity solution could be utilized for any M2M connectivity use cases.

#2: Nikola Labs

Nikola Labs creates wireless power solutions for the Internet of Things.

Will Zell, CEO at Nikola Labs, Inc. presents an innovative technology that harvesting Radio Frequency energy into new power.

The first application of our system is an iPhone 6 case that harvests wasted RF energy transmitted by the phone itself. The self-harvesting case is just one step in a much greater revolution that Nikola Labs is leading, the wireless power revolution, which will define what it means to live and work in the 21st century. This first step is important as it proves that RF can, in certain situations, be recycled effectively for extra power.
I wonder how much amount of energy can be restored through the RFs. I would assume the “Heat” must be the cause of the most energy waste.

Regardless the practicality, very innovative and forward thinking cool technology!

#3: Redrock Biometrics

Secure bio-metrics “Palm” for every device with camera

Leonid Kontsevich, Cofounder and Chairman at Redrock Biometrics, Inc.
Leonid Kontsevich, Cofounder and Chairman at Redrock Biometrics, Inc. presents their patent-pending “PalmID” technology.

Biometrics is more secure than passwords, but has always required expensive hardware and a clunky user experience. PalmID is the first robust but easy palm-scanning authentication software platform. The SDK works on almost any device with a camera, from phones to VR/AR devices to ATMs. And all the user has to do is wave hello.
PalmID is 400 times more secure than fingerprint authentication, according to their website, then it is great solution for controlling access to website, computer, building, automobile, any place/things that has a camera to scan the palm.

#4: Passive-Eye

The self-powered GPS tracker that never needs battery recharging or replacement

Jerome Rush, Founder and CEO of Passive Eye Ltd
Jerome Rush, Founder and CEO of Passive Eye Ltd presents The self-powered, GPS tracker that never needs battery recharging or replacement.

GPS is a technology that ‘lives’ outside and Passive Eye harvests the kind of energy that’s found … outside. We harvest radio frequency and solar radiation and we generate power from movement.

Mobile Data Network (GPRS)
Passive Eye’s ‘tag’ connects to the Internet and send data using the same network as your mobile phone (GPRS — the ubiquitous, worldwide mobile voice and data network). Using GPRS, our standard reporting frequency is 10 reports per hour

LPWAN (SigFox and LoRa)
Passive Eye is able to send data using SigFox or LoRa (Semtech’s long range, low power radio protocol) to the appropriate internet gateway. Both are designed for ‘Internet of Things’ devices. The low power requirements are ideal for assets that operate or are positioned in a defined area such as airports, construction or exploration sites, large farms or ranches. Using LPWAN, Passive Eye is able to accommodate a reporting frequency of up to 60 reports per hour.

SORACOM provides GPRS connectivity and also support LPWAN technology. It looks like Passive Eye solution works very well with SORACOM.

#5: Leantegra

Leantegra is an IoT platform for engaging and analyzing foot traffic

Valery Chekalkin, CMO & co-founder at Leantegra
Valery Chekalkin, CMO & co-founder at Leantegra presents CVO (Connected Venue Operator) Platform.

They provide a range of Connected devices from the edge computing device (PowerGate), WiFi Gateway (WiRange) to Location Tag (WiBeat), enabled by their cloud application server (Cloud SaaS) and mobile framework (WebRTLS).

It looks like they currently do not offer M2M (Cellular) and/or LPWAN connected devices, since they are more focused on retail stores. If they plan to expand their range of devices, SORACOM can provide secure connectivity for that use cases. Then SORACOM Endorse can be utilized for the device authentications even for the WiFi devices.

#6: Artveoli

Making smart & connected Air Panel devices to improve indoor air quality

Alina Adams, Founder & CEO at Artveoli, Inc.
Alina Adams, Founder & CEO at Artveoli, Inc. presents Connected Air Panel.

Not sure how effective or advance their air filtering technology is, but the product design is elegant, that they offer custom artwork panel on top of their products, so that the Air panel became part of your house/office decoration.

If the price is reasonable, I would like to have one in my house/office.

#7: Iotera

Iotera is a crowd sourced wireless tracking network

Ben Wild, Co-Founder, CEO at Iotera
Ben Wild, Co-Founder, CEO at Iotera presents tracking and activity monitoring device.

It looks like a kind of LPWAN technology. The device “ iota” uses free radio signals. You need to have a gateway “home base” connected to home WiFi that can cover up to 12 city blocks. The “iota” can be located as long as it is within the covered area of any of the gateway in the community. The battery is rechargeable and good for about few weeks.

No subscription fees and the technology definitely suites for a Pet Tracking.

#8: Perseus Mirror

Perseus Mirror is changing the way you see yourself with smart mirror technology

Erik Skantze, Cofounder and CEO of Perseus Mirrors
Erik Skantze, Cofounder and CEO of Perseus Mirrors presents Smart Mirrors.

Introducing Perseus — the world’s smartest mirror. Whether you’re getting ready for work or for a night out, our interactive, heads-up display puts relevant information right where you need it.
Basically they put a computer in a mirror and made it smart. Providing many widgets like clock, weather, news head line, text messages and even video streaming. $250 a piece.

Not sure since I never used smart mirror, but it could be very convenient if well-integrated to the lifestyle.

#9: Twyst

Twyst eliminates checkout lines in stores by moving self checkout into the bag

Kevin Schaff, CEO and Founder of Twyst
Kevin Schaff, CEO and Founder of Twyst presents the connected solutions for Retailers and Consumers.

The Twyst platform migrates the checkout process into the shopping bag creating a friction free personal experience. At the same time retailers gain the operational data needed to make the customer journey even better

It looks like they transform the conventional retail store to be a smart store like the one you saw the video from Amazon Go, not exactly but similar idea:

No more wait in the line!! Awesome.

#10: 6D Bytes

Using robotics to prepare and serve fresh food personalized to an individual’s taste and perfection, availability any time, anywhere, cost effectively

Vipin Jain, Co-founder & CEO at 6d bytes presents a healthier, personalized and mobile solution for on-the-go (fast) food industry. It looks like he is building a connected robotic chef and its surrounding ecosystem.

It is inevitable that, in the future, a smart fridge (or some sort) will purchase and store the ingredients, and prepare and serve food and drinks to cater to peoples’ busy lifestyle. So this is a step towards that future ;-P

#11: Rufus Labs

Wearable technology for a super human workforce

Gabe Grifoni, Co-founder and CEO of Rufus Labs, LLC

Gabe Grifoni, Co-founder and CEO of Rufus Labs, LLC. presents an enterprise tools that make workers more productive, more efficient and keeps them safer on the job.

The Rufus Cuff is a ruggedized wearable with a 3.2” screen, 12-hour (full shift) battery, and runs the complete Android OS. It provides hands-free communication tools, and includes sensors that allow for physio-metric data collection, location based assignments, and alerts & safety checks their wearable

The device looks like the multi-purpose watch from 90’s spy movie, in a cool way. This things seems very practical and actually make sense to free up their hands from carrying bulky barcode scanners that inventory management people always carry around.

#12: Scope AR

Putting Knowledge where you need it

Scott Montgomerie, CEO at Scope AR
Scott Montgomerie, CEO at Scope AR provides a collaborative live solution to optimize on the job training, manufacturing and field service maintenance utilizing overlay Augmented Reality.

Your organization can now easily create Smart instructions. Our platform allows users with no prior coding knowledge to create rich, engaging, augmented reality Smart instructions that automatically collect data, provide actionable insights, and can be deployed globally through a simple app.
By transforming traditional paper-based work instructions into Smart instructions, users are immersed into animated, intuitive, 3D computer generated imagery that overlay on top of the real world.
This immersion has proven to improve comprehension, knowledge retention, and efficacy; which results in higher quality, faster cycle times, and cost savings.
This is one of the good example, both IoT and AR are applied to optimize user experience. They also provide a downloadable demo to try out the product at their web site.

#13: BioInspira

We are advancing chemical detection for growing industrial needs

Po-Jui (Ray) Chiu, Founder & CEO at BioInspira
Po-Jui (Ray) Chiu, Founder & CEO at BioInspira presents advancing chemical detection solution.

BioInspira is a startup company based on an award winning concept developed at the University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our technology is a versatile sensor platform, allowing us to scale to a large number of applications. At BioInspira, we aim to provide innovative sensing solutions that improve our quality of life through a wide range of applications.

Their concept is applicable to many area, but they plan to tackle the “lost gas” issue by providing chemical sensing services. Their sensor could be 1000 times more sensitive and 100 times smaller and inexpensive, so they say. It is very impressive number and potentially game changing.

I am a fun of a technology that makes the world better place. This is definitely one of these technologies that have positive impacts. I hope SORACOM can help them succeed in some way.

#14: ProteoSense

Biosensors enabling new high-value use cases in food, biomedical, and other markets.

Mark Byrne, President and CEO of ProteoSense
Mark Byrne, President and CEO of ProteoSense presents a portable device to quickly test a food-borne illnesses on the spot, instead of waiting 3 -4 days for a lab test.

The benefits with RapidScan™
– Finding contamination faster limits the size and impact of the contamination. That can save money and lives.
– Real time results means efficient processes — no more waiting days for results or paying a premium for a “STAT” result.
– No more listeria in lettuce, salmonella in eggs, or E. coli in hamburger
– Non-contaminated food can enter the marketplace much quicker so that there is less waste, fresher produce, dairy, and meat, and longer shelf life.

Not knowing how significant this solution is for the food or biomedical markets. Replacing 3 to 4 day lab test with instant (15 mins) onsite test on portable device sounds promising. No wonder they got investments from North America’s largest fresh produce manufacture. Great job.

#15: OpenLegacy

Enterprise API Integration Platform delivering Core Applications as Digital Services

Romi Stein, CEO and Co-Founder at OpenLegacy Inc
Romi Stein, CEO and Co-Founder at OpenLegacy Inc. presents a API Integration solution supports Enterprises to transform their legacy core applications to be modern services.

OpenLegacy’s Enterprise API Integration Platform dramatically simplifies the digital transformation process by generating APIs in minutes rather than months, eliminates the need for a complex technology stack, and ensures successful completion with its unlimited flexibility.

Their platform provides a set of APIs enables the legacy on-premise applications to be able to connect to Web, mobile, and cloud and such.
OpenLegacy’s framework enable to do this transformation very rapidly.

Not very flashy but important work for bringing legacy systems up-to-date.

#16: Foodfully

Foodfully builds software and hardware to eliminate household food waste

Brianna McGuire, CEO and co-founder, Foodfully
Brianna McGuire, CEO and co-founder, Foodfully presents an application to monitor the food in the fridge and tells how to cook them.

They have video on their web site and it explains how it works very well:

I love the idea of they made it easy to collect the item you purchased through the loyalty programs. It’s a quite affordable way to help preventing wast food.

#17: Xoult

Manage, organize, and track all your things with single app

Eugene Giromini, Cofounder & COO at Xoult
Eugene Giromini, Cofounder & COO at Xoult presents an application to manage product information such as Warranty of the products you own. The app uses the bar code to identify the products and let the owner know when the product warranty expires etc. They also can estimate the usage of the products by collecting information from Beacon devices.

This is a similar idea to the previous startup Foodfully. Only difference is one focusing on food expiration, and this one focus on product expiration (warranty).