IoT startups at 500 startups demo day

Demo Day Batch 19 Finale

500 Startups is an accelerator and seed funds headquartered in Silicon Valley and runs a ‘seed’ four-month program for startups providing mentor-ship, training with startup experts, office space and investment. 500 Startups runs globally in over 60 countries, with a community of over 1,600 startups and over 3,000 founders.

I attended the Batch 19 Demo Day and featured 4 startups that I personally liked and connected for the future collaborations.

#1 KiLife Tech

Wearable Safety for your Child — Controlled from your Smartphone.

2 mins pitch from Spencer Behrend, Founder/CEO KiLife Tech

This is probably the smoothest pitch I have ever seen. For the mere 120 seconds, Spencer covers key points and blast through all the decks with style.
Highly recommended to watch this pitch video for anyone who plans to pitch in the future.

Jordan Baczuk, CTO, Kilife Tech

Never lose track of a child again. Every parent knows the fear of losing a child, Our Proximity Smartband, Kiband Discover, keeps families close by allowing parents to create custom boundaries that are mobile and work indoors and out.
Kiband Discover does more than just boundaries though, it features activity tracking and is fully waterproof to 1 meter so you can truly use it everywhere. With multiple wearable options, 85dB alarm, replaceable battery, remote shutoff, and our proprietary software (that is 12 times more accurate than similar devices and protected by 3 patents pending) Kiband is set to lead the child wearable revolution.
Kiband Discover will be available in Big Box Retail Spring 2017.

I had a chance to speak with Jordan at their booth and discussed a bit about the next version of their product with new generation cellular connectivities.

I wish them the best for the successful retail launch at Target.

#2 Ambience Data

IoT for Environmental Monitoring

Nisha Sarveswaran, CEO & Founder of Ambience Data

Ambience Data provides an environmental sensoring, monitoring and analytics solution, currently focusing on air quality monitoring.
We need a solution like this to understand how bad the air pollutions are at certain area of the world and take corrective actions.

Nisha Sarveswaran, CEO, Ambience Data (Red Dress)

Nisha Sarveswaran, CEO, Ambience Data (Red Dress)

Ambience Data is a software data company that uses a sensor agnostic end-to-end IoT platform to monitor and collect data using our hardware devices.

Our initial focus was on air pollution data in megacities around the world, however we have now expanded our portfolio to include all environmental verticals. We combine big data, customer data, and sensor information to build predictive models with cutting edge machine learning techniques to provide truly meaningful data insights.

#3 EventXtra

One Stop Event Management Solution

Sum Wong, CEO at EventXtra

Sum Wong is very energetic guy. No wonder why they are so successful. They have a good event management system covers pre-event, during the event, and post-event activities.

Sum Wong, CEO, EventXtra

EventXtra on a mission to helps event organizer and manager to cut cost and time through replacing labor-intensive task by mobile technology and make it extremely accessible everywhere.

We provide check-in system, participant management, event engagement, instant polling, instant feedback and post event networking with accessible prices and easy-to-use functionality for all phone users.

The reason behind our vision is the frustration of boring events and low efficiency during events and post event for both event organizers and participants.

Our vision is to see a world where event management, interactions, feedback and networking are done efficiently and without any more physical limitations.

In fact, this event, 500 Startup Demo day Batch 19 was handled by them. The registration of the event was really smooth (no waiting line) and overall event experience was great. We will definitely consider them for our events.

#4 Fingertips Lab

Turns apps into radio stations


PK Mishra, Co-founder at Fingertips Lab

I am personally rooting for this product, because this solution is exactly what all drivers need to avoid this kind of catastrophe below.

[Warning — contains disturbing contents]

I try not to, but I had a moment where I took my eyes off from the road for a second when I was navigating the smartphone while driving and I am sure you do too.

Alex Woolf, Co-founder, Fingertips Lab

Alex Woolf, Co-founder, Fingertips Lab

Every moment, 660,000 US drivers look away from the road to use their smartphones. Over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide endanger their lives everyday in the attempt to multitask while commuting.

O6 is the first product to solve this problem with eyes-free browsing. O6 has several integrative pilot projects underway, working with automotive companies to equip the next generation of vehicles with their proprietary technology. The O6 consumer launch raised over $160k in pre-orders in just one month.

Beautifully designed product. If they can meet their promises, it will be a great product. I am waiting for mine to be delivered 😉

Demo Day Batch 19 Finale

Demo Day Batch 19 Finale

500 Startups Demo Day event was much more fun, casual and exciting than other pitch events that I attended before.

I enjoyed the moment — full of energy! and very glad that connected with some of the most interested entrepreneurs in the bay area. Looking to collaborate in the near future.

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